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I have been planning on starting a new challenge or project when it comes to my artworks. I joined one two years ago, which was a nice way to make my style be practiced and to be on track on my passion. That’s why, earlier this year I affirmed that I will definitely revive the artist in me once again.

#OOTDoodles by #JeiniDoodes is a doodle project created by Jeini Relova. Yes, I created this one to practice and showcase my love for fashion and doodles at the same time. I’ve been dying to create my own project thus the folio was born.

I started working on my friends when we had our training last June and then later on some of my closes co-workers also started asking a version of them. At first I was hesitant, because it will took me a while to finish and get their looks right. But I told myself, why not risk it. It will also serve as my farewell gift to them since I also resigned from my current work.

If you have been following my Instagram and have been my friend in Facebook, you might seen some of my few works. I also been receiving some love and adorable comments that I ended up having my first #OOTDoodle Promo Batches. It made me so happy receiving all the love and support for this project of mine, that many are also requesting to have the Batch 2 soon.


Promo ended last July 4, 2016.

So without further ado, here are some of my finished #OOTDoodles and one of my favorites that I would like to share with you my padawans.

#OOTDoodles + @oliviamreyes by #JeiniDoodles 🐼

A photo posted by a.k.a A J E I N 🍓 (@jeinirelova) on

#OOTDoodles + Dickson by #JeiniDoodles 🐼

A photo posted by a.k.a A J E I N 🍓 (@jeinirelova) on

#OOTDoodles + Lhala by #JeiniDoodles 🐼

A photo posted by a.k.a A J E I N 🍓 (@jeinirelova) on

There you have it. Here are just some of my few doodled versions and I can’t wait to share with you the finished fifty (50) outfit doodles from the promo soon.

For those who want their own #OOTDoodles version, they are available in a very affordable price. Just send me a beep in my e-mail or you can place your orders here. For updates and be the one to see first the #OOTDoodles by #JeiniDoodles updates, you can follow me at my doodle accounts.

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