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Being a nursing student and having to face the licensure examinations will really just get you anxious. In a span of 3 months, will it be possible to recall all those concepts you took for four (4) years? Well that sounds impossible, but once you get to know what is the suitable review style or guide for you, it will be just a piece of cake.
Fear no more because in every exam there is, surely there is something that can aid us ace those tests! So start grabbing those markers, pencils, books and those inspirational quotes to keep you motivated because you are just a few steps away to getting your hands on those licenses!

Pocket Nursing Guides are usually the very handy review kit you can have. It is like a flash card where you get to put those terms or concepts for you to easily master. Nice right? It is like your phone or wallet that you can bring anytime and anywhere.
Bet you are wondering where to get one of these dainty pocket nursing guides. Lou, one of my old friend in high school and also a blogger is selling these very cheap guides. How cool is that? So here’s a glimpse of  the fancy pocket guides and why you should start getting one. 
I just love the packaging of these guides.
These pocket nursing guides are not just informative, but they are also fashionable. 
They come in six (6) different colors to suit your taste.
 It is available in Red, Orange, Blue, Light Pink, Grey and Black.
Even the material of the cover is just so nice and cute.
 I just love how these pocket guides were bedazzled. 
It is easily opened and close, making it easier to use
 specially when you are just having a glimpse of a certain subject. 
Don’t forget to have your name on those handful guides. We just don’t want them getting lost.
Values and terms are placed in diagrams or tables. It makes the memorization process a lot easier because the information are more organized, specially those parts where there are certain processes.
Concepts on each system were also simplified making it easier
 to memorize and recall once in a while.
The pocket nursing guide also have simple illustrations to those important topics you usually have difficulty visualizing. Since I am more of a visual type of person, I usually enjoy having to memorize simple values, concepts and info when there are visuals to aid me. I would even make my own markings and even have my own visuals just so I can memorize it easily. And being creative just stimulates both sides of your brain. How cool is that? 
The guide also have the Nurse’s Prayer to help us in getting near to attaining those licenses indeed. It also makes us remember that all those sleepless nights, coffee overload and even those mood swings will all be worth it. The moment we become the “Angels of the sick room” just starts to give us butterflies in our tummies specially whenever we do our roles and responsibilities right. 
So what are you waiting for? 
Get your very own Pocket Nursing Guides and 
be the next Registered Nurse who top the Board Exams!
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