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Portfolio 01: YabaYobo

I was fond and obsessed when it comes to taking photo of myself and as well as posing in front of the camera, while he was one of those who will do everything just to avoid getting a shot or posing for the camera. But in the end, I was able to still convince him, that I can assure him of great shots, one way or the other. This will def be not the last of me taking and making portfolios of him. (As soon as I get my hands on my own and personal DSLR or just the simple yet gives you almost near HD photo-digital-camera).
She loves the camera, while he hates it. But for her,he’ll do it. <3
My favorite Candid Shot of him. He’s def handsome here.


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My OOTD, with his jacket on me.

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And these are just on of those photos that I also loved. Good thing there were only few people in the boulevard, so we were at ease just striking our poses.

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And here are just our simple random shots as a couple. Making every moment count indeed. Just loving this guy everyday of my life.
While waiting for our food to be served. Cristine Reyes and Zanjoe Marudo look a like.


Fave shot <3
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