Pretty Sweet Tooth: Cupcake and Candy Store

Rating: ★★★★

I have always been in love with something sweet. Everything that has sugar and cute stuff always makes me so happy. Chocolates, cakes, cookies and ice creams truly activate my “happy hormones”. As I was browsing on my Instagram feed, I suddenly noticed a store and I just fell in love with the treats that they are offering. What makes me more interested is that, they come at a cheaper price.

Pretty Sweet Tooth is an Albay based online cupcake and candy store with a variety of treats. They serve jars and boxes of various sweet desserts to go. They specialize on chocolates, cupcakes and cakes leaving you with a nice treat for the palette.
Regular Bonbons – Php120 (8pcs)
Special Bonbons – Php200 / doz
Premium Bonbons – Php250/doz
Oreo Cookies – Php150 (20pcs)
Oreo Cheesecake Nutella Sandwich – Php220 (10pcs)
Php75 / cupcake (3oz)
Bitesize cupcakes – 250php/dozen (can be assorted)3oz Cupcakes – 360php/6pcs (can be assorted)

FlavorsBanana Cupcake  Choco Banana Cupcake  Chocolate Cupcake  Kitkat Cupcake  Nutella Cupcake  Oreo Cupcake  Red Velvet Cupcake  S’mores Cupcake  Triple Chocolate  Vanilla

Php170 for 200ml
Php75 for 4oz
Flavors: Almondtella (Almonds + Nutella)  Blueberry  Cadbury  Caramel  Cherry  Cookies And Cream ● Double Chocolate (Chocolate Cake With Cream)  Ferretella (Ferrero + Nutella)  Kisses  Leche Flan  M&M’s  Maltella (Maltesers + Nutella)  Mango  Mayon Lava Cake  Nutella  Oreo   Overloaded (Nutella, Smores, Oreo, Kisses And M&M’s)  Red Velvet  Reeses  Smores  Snickers  Strawberry  Tobletella (Toblerone + Nutella)

I got so overwhelm of the choices that I can’t make up my mind on what to try first. What is nice about the said store is that the owner, Miss Alaiza Carmen Fernandez a.k.a Tinx, is really accommodating and friendly. Not only does she guarantee the quality of the goodies, she also treats her customers well as well. From there, I made sure that I will definitely get a hold of their treats!

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Pretty Sweet Tooth Delights

Tinx herself recommended me her top-selling and popular delights! I just fell in love with the packaging and more over with the treats that goes with it. Indeed it was love at first bite!

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Look at these delightful goodies!! 

Pretty Sweet Tooth: Bonbons

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Sprinkles all over the bonbons!!
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What I love about the bonbons is that they will not make you stop grabbing another piece. The way the chocolate enrobes on these small bite treats will definitely make you crave for more and just have another bite. The way the chocolate melts in the mouth is just blissful.
Pretty Sweet Tooth: Oreo Cookies

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Loving the sunflower and red touch of the package.
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It’s oreo in a cookie!! 

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Lately I’ve been craving for Oreo. This treat definitely satisfied my cravings and couldn’t help but make myself drown on these oh so good small sweet oreo cookies. The soft and chewy feeling just makes me euphoric in every bite! These cookies are definitely a good match with a hot chocolate coffee or milk drink. 
Pretty Sweet Tooth: Cake In A Jar

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Kisses, Overloaded and Smores

Cakes in a jar are stuffed with different flavors and twists inside. These on the go delights will surely make eating a cake, a piece of cake!These kind of goodies are also handy and comes with a small spoon so you can eat it anytime you want to give your self a treat. It’s like eating an ice cream.

Pretty Sweet Tooth: Cake In A Jar: Overloaded

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Look at all those good stuff inside!
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I just love how every piece of the good stuff, from the small chocolate bits, kisses chocolates, down to the loaded marshmallows are just heaven for my palette.
Pretty Sweet Tooth: Cake In A Jar Smores

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Mallows overload.
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If you are a marshmallow lover, then this is the good stuff for you. 

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Chocolate and mallows are definitely what makes a smores! I love how they crowd inside my mouth that gives me that soft and chewy feeling. This is definitely another twist for a cake inside a jar.
Pretty Sweet Tooth: Cake In A Jar: Kisses

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Crowded little kisses.

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Kisses overload indeed!
Always been a fan of kisses, but  I never imagined it in a cake. It really adds a twist to your cake flavor and just makes you want to scoop more and fill your mouth with these goodness. Making you want to have more kisses.

Every delight was really tasty and just purely heaven to my mouth. It was indeed a sweet treat for my sweet tooth and this will definitely not be the last time for me to indulge with the delights of this store. I can’t wait to try the other treats soon!

“Chocolate makes everything better”


For faster transaction, message them at:

SMS & Viber: 0927-242-5542
P.S: You might want to watch out for another treat and giveaway for the holidays!! 
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