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Queen Odelia: Face and Body Care Products

I got hooked to beauty products when I started to be conscious of how I look and how to maintain a more cared skin. I have to admit that I am still a noob to finding the right products. Many beauty experts or beauty bloggers would always say that trying [once in a while] new beauty treats can really make our skin happy one way or the other.

I also believe that having to explore varieties can also be the way to finding the right care for one’s skin. And it didn’t fail me. I just fell in love with Queen Odelia. Not only because of their packaging but also because of how they made my skin feel extra special.

Queen Odelia Face Care and Body Care Products

What is Queen Odelia?

The Queen Odelia is a beauty niche that caters to your daily face and body care. Not only do they offer products soothing to your skin but they also assure you that they use the finest and highest standards in skin enhancements.

Prickly Pear Seed oil is one of their most expensive and distinct ingredient in assuring every beauty conscious individual get the effects and consistency of their products. They also closely examined the unique properties of other dessert flowers to make the most enticing quality.

I was really stoked when I got the chance to experience their finest beauty cares and got my skin pampered with their splendid products. I really felt queenly.

Foot Cream | Moisturizing Invigoration

Hydrates and soften rough skin. This unique, nourishing, non-greasy formula absorbs quickly and enhances your ability to draw in and retain moisture, leaving your feet looking and feeling healthier. I also love the soothing smell that makes my feet feel softer and free from any possible odors.
Queen Odelia Foot Cream | US $ 18.00 (Php 858.00)

Hand Cream | Extreme Moisturizer

This cream penetrates quickly to protect, nourish and moisturize hands. Prickly Pear Seed Oil is a potent non-greasy treatment (due to its high level  of antioxidant and fatty acids) is easily absorbed to leave the hands soft and smooth with no oily traces.
Queen Odelia Hand Cream | US $ 18.00 (Php 858)

I can’t get enough of their hand cream. I am the type who usually (every minute) who sanitizes my hands every time I get to hold on things. Worrying about getting it too dry really is my concern. You can’t deny that alcohols usually does that. But worry no more for me, for this cream brings back the moisture and gives me more than what I expected.

I also love the smell once it settles to my skin. I just kept on smelling it. The nice thing about their hand cream is that the smell doesn’t easily loose. Yes, even when I tried washing it and took a bath, the smell still remains giving me that nice alluring scent.

Eye Cream | Delicate Age Defier

The delicate eye cream was specifically created to treat the sensitive skin surrounding the eye. The age-defying cream has the ability to smooth over dark circles and reduce wrinkles. It also increases the elasticity and firmness surrounding the orbital area.
Queen Odelia Eye Cream | US $ 55.00 (Php 2,621.00)

The eye cream is also clinically-proven to ensure your eyes look fresher and brighter every day, even when there are nights that you experience insomnia or haggardness. It just revitalizes your eyes, complimenting your face.

Like their hand cream, the eye creams also have the Prickly Pear Seed Oil is a potent non-greasy treatment (due to its high level  of antioxidant and fatty acids) is easily absorbed to leave the eyes and face soft and smooth with no oily traces.

For best results, you can also apply it around your eyes in the morning before make-up just like what I did. The oil in the cream will maximize the vibrance of your natural eye color and make your eyes shine. This will make your eyes look clear and bright.

I really enjoyed their products and it really feels good to pamper yourself with good and quality products once in a while. As a present to you younglings, you can also get the face and body care I experienced with Queen Odelia. Here is a code to avail them cheaper and get their alluring treats. Discover Desert Secrets with with Queen Odelia Face Care and Body Care products, containing the minerals of the Dead Sea and the rich Prickly Pear seed oil now.


It offers 20% off the entire site + free shipping on $50 (after discount).

The code is only valid until March 20th so get this once is lifetime treat!


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