Review: Hortaleza Professional Hair Coloring Cream

Rating: ★★★★★

Since I’ve been receiving good feed backs and as well as compliments because of my new hair color, I decided to make a post regarding the product that I’ve used to acquire such.

I’ve been hooked to having my hair colored back when I was really obsessed with K-Pop. And just like a “drug“, I kept begging for more. If only I was also able to have the opportunity to have the “real” hues that I want, I would really have no second thoughts on doing so.
I started at “not so attention seeking color” back then, and then I was able to have a somewhat lighter one way back when I was in college. Then when I was already working I was able to try Burgundy. It really turned my head red back then, that my co-workers started calling me Paramore and Merida (Brave). But sadly, the color just faded after a month and started going brown later on, which also cost me almost a  4-digit. Then after that, I really wanted to try a more lighter shade of brown, the one that is almost near to blonde. I was somewhat contented when I tried my hair colored once again. The sad part only, is that it was almost half the price, it may sound cheaper but it is still quite expensive (being a thrifty person that I am) and the color that I wanted was not still met.
Then after that, I decided that if ever I’ll have my hair colored again, I’ll be going for the shade that I want and my sister will be the one to color it, thus Hortaleza was my last resort and hopefully will give the shade that I wanted once and for all. This is a late post btw, since I had my hair colored few weeks ago.
The Hair Coloring Package
This is all the materials that you’ll be needing if ever you’re planning to have your hair colored too. But these were bought separately. These only cost me about 300php + only. Yes, it was way cheaper (I guess). Salons make it more expensive because of the labor, the brands and as well as their places too. That’s why you pay more.
So here the simple steps to having the Colored Hair you are dreaming of and as well you have been fantasizing just like the professionals.


Hortaleza Professional Hair Coloring Cream Shade 9.43: Light Copper Blonde
For me, since I’ve been dying for a lighter shade, I chose Light Copper Blonde. If you are wondering how I arrived to that, when you go to the store that you’ll be buying your hair coloring cream, they have the Hortaleza Hair Color Guide just near the boxes of this shades. From there, you can choose a variety of hair hues that you too can really get overwhelm because of so many nice colors to choose from.
Read the instructions properly.
From the box, there is the instruction inside that you’ll be needing if ever it’s your first time to do such. It’s really helpful and makes you feel quite excited as well. The good thing about this, it also assures you of your safety before doing such application. There are certain reminders that is really handy. The box also contains the formula of such product to give you the result that you want. Simple as it is, you just need to read and follow the instructions.


Hortaleza Professional Oxidizing Lotion 12%
Hortaleza Professional Oxidizing Lotion is another medium that you are going to mix with the Hair Coloring Cream. This lotions comes in 3 different packages. (See Hair Coloring Cream Box)
  •  6% Oxidizing Lotion: For gray hairs and covering of white hairs
  • 9% Oxidizing Lotion: For fashion hair colors or for changing the shade of the hue
  • 12% Oxidizing Lotion: For blonde colors, to achieve maximum effect
Since I wanted a more brighter color, the percentage of my OL is 12%. If ever you are not aware of such percentages, you can either consult the sales lady or sales assistant in the store, but usually they are the one who recommends such lotion, because they are already familiar with the product.
Hair Coloring Cream + Oxidizing Lotion. After mixing the two, you can now apply the formula unto you hair. Just make sure to take extra caution in doing such process to avoid any harmful occurrences. Then after doing such, the hair can be left for about 20-30 minutes. But if you are not quite sure of how long your hair has to endure such waiting, you can refer to the box again. (See Hair Coloring Box)
  • For lighter color: If desired hair color is lighter than the natural or previous color, apply mixture one-half (1/2) inch away from the scalp. Allow hair color to develop for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, spray with little water to emulsify color mixture. Process for another 30 minutes.
  • For darker color: If desired hair color is darker than the natural or previous color, evenly apply color mixture from top to tips. Leave on for 30 minutes.
  • For re-touch of re-growth hair: Apply color mixture only to the area with hair re-growth. Allow to develop 20 minutes. Moisten ends of the brush with water and comb through the whole length of hair to ensure an even color. Leave on for 10 minutes.


Hortaleza Professional Hair Spa Treatment
Since the hair has to undergo a very strong chemical mixture, the Hortaleza Professional Hair Spa Treatment can be used after the process. This can be used once a week so that to avoid such damage to the hair. It’s like doing your own hot oil or hair spa at home. It would just only take about 20-30 minutes.
Light Copper Blonde

Yes, after taking a shower, this is how my hair looks now. I can still not properly appreciate the end product because of the lighting and my sister made this process at night. So I was more excited to actually see it in the morning. And thus, the morning came and I was really happy of the result.

Light Copper Blonde Shade in the Morning
I was really happy with the result and I was able to attain such because of the color that I chose. Hopefully by next time, I can try as much lighter color and as well as if given a chance, to try red as well. *giggles*.
So hopefully this post was able to help you as well. Can’t wait to hear from you too with the color that you’ve chosen as well. Link me as well so I can too, see it. Sprinkles!

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  • Reply Cutella November 1, 2013 at 1:08 am

    Cool..I would like to try this also…

  • Reply Jeini Relova November 1, 2013 at 4:22 pm

    Thanks. Hopefully you'll enjoy it as well as I enjoyed it. 😀

  • Reply Luchelle Bunani December 15, 2013 at 8:07 am

    no bleaching?

  • Reply Jeini Relova December 21, 2013 at 3:10 am

    Mine, I did no bleaching with my hair, but I was able to have good results. If you really want to have your hair achieve its fullness "bright" colors or hue, you can do bleaching. 🙂 ☺

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