Review: Maybelline White Super Fresh Cake Powder

Rating: ★★★★

I’ve been using Maybelline products since last year and I just fell in love on how they just assure their consumers with the quality they sell to the market. I got curioused and can’t help but to try the new product that is out in the market! Since I was in my trial and test, I started going for the fillers first, because it’s way cheaper and more handy than the real deal. 

– White Super Fresh Refill
I usually go for cosmetics that have a long duration on the skin or on my face. Since I am one of those lazy girls who are not fond of retouching once the color starts to fade. I was a bit giddy when these babies are good for 12-hours. But since I live in a country where the air is humidified and the climate is hotter, they can only stay for about 4-5 hours. Making it for a total of two (2) applications for the whole day. 
– Shade 02 Nude Beige
These babies are also available in four (4) shades: 02 Nude Biege, 03 Natural, 04 Honey and 05 Sand Beige. Since this one is a cake or in matte form, they made sure that the shades will be available to different skin types. Unlike other brands that only have one to two shades.
– The Secret
Maybelline always makes their consumers see the real results. The White Super Fresh makes your face a lot fresher and radiant looking. It also makes your face fairer and hides those flaws that makes you feel very conscious. The nice thing about this matte is that they also give you that “clean texture” unlike some brands that usually gives you a heavy powder feeling same with those BB creams and other moisturizers. Those kinds usually are the ones that clogs more the pores and making you have those acne breakouts. 

– Clean Touch Technology
It is enriched with mineral for maximum oil absorption. Yes, they do live to their promise and statements. My face became less oily and makes you feel refresh throughout the day. It also protects your face from  the summer heat, thanks to their SPF 34. You will definitely have no fear having your face be burn (but as much as possible avoid staying to long under the sun).
– Just loving their packaging.
What is nice about Maybelline products is that they also make the refills stylish one way or another. Even though for a refill it’s a bit pricy, they still managed to make it fashionable and handy for the consumer. 
– Loving the shade
The nice thing about cake powders is that they are not that messy when you try to rub the sponge on its surface. It just blends and stick with the sponge. Unlike other cakes that usually stays more on the sponge rather than going to your face. 
I might start buying the next big thing (with a sponge divider and a mirror) once I consumed this refill. I just love this product and this is a nicer way to replace my BB creams and saying goodbye to a lesser oily face throughout the day. 
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