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Samantha Cloue’s Closet: Little Blue Floral Embroidered Sunday Dress

Sunday dresses are always loved and has always been one of my weaknesses when it comes to any outfits out there. I may seldom wear one, but once I do it really makes me so happy and I definitely won’t let it pass by without a nice shot.

I got these lovely get up from Samantha Cloue’s Closet. It is an online shop found in Albay which is owned by one of my office mates, Miss Carmen. She is fond of dressing up and has been considered to be one of the most stylish lady in our office. That is why when she was given a chance to open her line and share her passion the said shop was born.

Samantha Cloue’s Closet caters to your everyday to casual look down to the formal wears. They also offer affordable clothes that will definitely satisfy your love for reasonable clothings.

I’ve been wearing her dresses since she started the shop and i just really love how it suits my taste and how it really looks and feels comfortable every time I don them. And here is one of the lovely dress I found in her closet.

Little Blue Embroidered Sunday Dress

What I love about this dress is that it is so comfortable to wear, yet it gives you that semi-formal and classic look at the same time. And I love how the floral embroideries compliments the overall dress.

The dramatic pointed collars gives that school girl and vintage feels.

Feeling like I am Wednesday from the Addam’s Family.

Embroidered laces.

Loving how the laces goes well and is placed dramatically at the end of the dress. It is like giving me that antique look at the same time.

Just loving every details about this dress.

I may not be able to justify everything on how I pose and project with this dress but I love how it was able to give me that simple yet very classic vibes as I go to church last Sunday. Indeed, this sunday dress was one of the most loved so far.

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This lovely dress is brought to you by:

Samantha Cloue’s Closet


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Samantha Cloue’s Closet. Ideas and opinions are only based on honest reviews and were not influenced by any individual or the brand itself.

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