Signs That You Are A 90’s Kid

I’ve been planning to compile or make a post regarding this topic. As for me, nothing beats something that has been a part of me and has made an impact specially during my childhood days. Not only does it give me tons of memories but it would always makes me shout or even laugh because I was really able to experience such. I also can’t help but share to you my experiences. 

So if you’re definitely born the same generations as I am 
then you would definitely enjoy this as well. 

So seat back, relax and let’s travel through time, shall we?


(in no chronological order)
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Before all those iPhones, iPads , Android gadgets and PSPs, this is the real deal
You are definitely one of the cool kids if you have these!

Family Computer, Duck Hunt, Pogs, Snakes & Ladders, Chinese Garter, Air Propeller, Crash Gear, Brick Game, Beyblade
Family Computer. My sister and I would always stay at home and enjoy playing Super Mario, Duck Hunt and many other games with these. I would also remember how we get so excited to wake up in the morning and start our day with these babies. 
Pogs. Yes, baby. Pogs. My sister and I would always compete who the best collector of these babies. We enjoy piling them up and scattering them. Different designs and colors will definitely beg you to have more and more of them. 
Snakes & Ladders. My sister and I would always make our parents buy us this cute “folding pocket game”The more the merrier when you play this game. It is just so fun to play, specially when you’re near the finish line and ended up rolling the dice and your steps leads you to the snakes and comes back to the start lane. And by the end of very game we always end up loosing the dice.

Chinese Garter. Girls like me loves to play this during our snack break and dismissal. Even when we are in our skirts (because that’s just the way they put the uniforms for girls), it never stopped us to jump high as we can so that to win this game. I love playing “Ten-Twenty” and “Triangle” with these babies.

Air Propeller. I remember how I enjoy playing with these and making them fly as high as I can possibly make them go. Even when my hands are starting to hurt, I still continuously rub and twirl in my palms.

Crash Gear. Who told you that guys can only play this game and toy? My father used to buy us this. He helps us assemble them. He even made a customized arena for me and my sister so that we can really have a nice play with these gears on our sala. How awesome is that?
Brick Game. This is the original Tetris guys and gals. I would always get intrigued by this toy. I first them with my grandmother. She always plays with these while she attends to her store as well. When she let me play with it, I got hooked and even asked my parents to my my own as well. I love playing it with loud sound effects as well.  
Beyblades. Well guys, my sister and I also play such! This time our mother was the one who bought us these toys. She even made sure we also have the round arena where we can make our blades spin. Cool ayt?
Tamagochi, Marbles, Piko, Slinky, Tex Cards, Polly Pocket, Enter, Hide and Seek, Sling Gun
Tamagochi. A Japanese game where you can have your very own pet in a techie way. This is quite addicting because you really have to watch over your pet. If you fail to do so, it will die and you have to start over again. It’s like having your own Pokemon as well. 

Marbles. I love how this small rounded crystalized or transparent marbles goes inside my containers. Not only do they come in various designs and patterns but this is another game where you get to have more if you were able to win in a competition with your playmate. And my grandmother also sell them in her store as well.

Piko. A cementer floor, stones and chalks. These are the needed materials to play this one. The fun things about this game is that if you are very much resourceful you can also use the stone to draw your patterns. I used to play this one with my sister and cousins.

Slinky. I enjoy playing spring like toys. I even bought one even when I was in my college years. It was like a “stress ball” for me. I also enjoyed making this roll down the stairs because it seems like it has a mind of it’s own to go down continuously. It was just so fun!

Tex Cards. Just like my pogs, I collect this as well. It would always make me so happy everytime my attache case would be full of this babies. I usually have Yuyu Hakusho, Dragonball Z and Digimon designs for my cards. Like playing marbles, you are able to have more if you get to win against your playmate as well. 

Polly Pockets. Us kids loves role playing. This is one RPG in a girly way. I used to play this one with my neighbors in Manila. We gather around and make our own village and share our doll pockets. This is like the small versions of Barbie in a much cuter way. 
“Enter”. Patintero is its popular name. I would usually play this during dismissal and snack time in my elementary days as well. The more players you have, the more it’s hard to finish these game. It is where one should avoid getting caught my the person on the line. He/she acts as if he/she is the trap door. The goal of this game is that all players on the team should be able to surpass all the passages and safely return to the start lane without getting caught. How I miss playing this one. 
Hide and Seek. Even up to know, this has been one of those games my sister and cousins would enjoy playing during the holidays while we are waiting for the countdown. Even when we are in our 20’s, we still get to play this with ease. And we must say, we are never too old for this kind of play.

Sling Gun. I used to remember my grandmother have this in her store as well. This toy is very much popular for the boys because they get to play like they are soldiers or officers. They just enjoy simulation games more than role playing.

Toy Parachute, Let’s Go Fishin’, Penguin Race, Slime Toy, Build it, Lego, Paper Dolls, Jumping Rope, Luksong Tinik

Toy Parachute. Another toy that little boys during my time enjoys playing. I also tried playing this one. It’s just simple, you get to act as if they are soldiers jumping from the plane. You get to open their parachutes and make them fly high as well. They slowly go down just like real people with parachutes. Mt sister and I usually throws them so hard that they would always end up on our rooftop. I wonder how many soldiers were they to die melting?

Let’s Go Fishin’. One of those games I enjoyed during my toddler years. I enjoy how I imagine as if I’m going fishing and catching them all with an ease. The rods have this magnet on the edge that attracts the other side of the magnet located on the school of fish mouths. The twist in these game is that it is spinning fast making it hard to catch every one of them.

Penguin Race. Another toy that I enjoyed. I just love how the penguins goes up and then slides down. It is more fun to watch them when there are so many penguins sliding and going up the stairs. 

Slime Toy. This is not an abortion! This is the popular slime toy. I used to remember having three colors of this stuff.  I have shades of red, green and purple. They also have this free rubber toy that goes with every slime tubes. It’s like having weird parts inside the tubes. I remembered having eyeballs, fetuses. ears and hands. I just enjoy how the slime runs down and gives you that “wet and sticky” feeling but doesn’t really stick in you palm and skin.

Build It and Lego. Well every kid enjoys making and building their own infrastructures or whatsoever comes into their minds. I always enjoy making one as well. I usually have a “complete set” every time my parents would buy me one and ends up loosing tons of pieces at the end of the day. We usually find one every time we trip or step on them.

Paper Dolls. It’s like having a cheaper and handy Barbie Doll. I would always ask my parents to give me coins so that I can buy from my grandmother’s store. I used to have a collection of these as well and just enjoys the clothes that my paper dolls get to wear. 
Jumping Rope. Just like the “Chinese Garter”, I get to enjoy playing these with a song accompanied while I jump.
Luksong Tinik. I used to be weak playing this game. The more I suck at playing Luksong Baka”. But as the time goes by I was able to enjoy it and was able to play it with ease during my high school days. 
Pick Up Stix, Jack Stone, Sound Baton, Waterful Ring Toss, Paper Pupper and Papper Truth or Dare, Cartoon Mask

Pick Up Stix. I usually have a complete set of this, but every after a game I also end up loosing stix. This game would also really make you concentrate much and also make you pose like an acrobat just to avoid moving a stick.

Jack Stones. During snack time and dismissal, our corridors at school would always be filled with kids playing this game, and the nice thing about this as well even guys plays this too.

Sound Baton. I remembered having a pink with black edges of this. The way the sound just runs through the tubes just amazes me.
Waterful Ring Toss. I’ve been addicted in playing this game that I also started wondering how the level of the water ended up half way. This toy used to come in big sizes, as time goes by they ended up in small ones making it more harder to play. 
Paper Pupper and Paper Truth or Dare. I used to enjoy doing this. I usually have different patterns, designs and colors. I nearly made a hundred of these. The way you play it is depending on the numbers or letters you get to spell. The fun thing about this paper game is that it can also become as a puppet in just simple few folds. Amazing right?
Cartoon Masks. I remember having tons of this in my Lola’s store. She has this different Disney and anime characters that my sister loves to play with. It’s like were are acting the characters out as well. 


Having these stuff definitely makes you more nostalgic than ever!

VHS, Rubber Bands, Jollibee Pillow, Jollibee Radio, Snowballs, Baby G Watch, Rubber Pencils, Magic Pencil, Cassette Tape
VHS. Before the big screens, DVDS, VCDS and all those Torrents, these was our way of watching movies during those times. My sister and I would usually ask our parents to drop by the Video Store and rent some our favorite movies. 

Rubber Bands. I remember how I would tend to buy lots of these just to make my own “Chinese Garter” and be able  to use for making stars as well. I usually get to collect this from the candy tubes I used to buy.

Jollibee Pillow and Jollibee Radio. Jollibee used to have this merch where you get to have your own Jolly Radio. This is one of their Kiddie Meals and was definitely very handy if you want a radio you can very much bring everywhere. The Jobee pillow, my sister and I had each for Christmas as a gift from our parents then.

Snowballs. This used to be the popular Christmas gift I would usually receive. I would enjoy how the glitters would start to spread inside the crystal ball.

Baby G Watch. I used to get jealous to my classmates or friends who has a Baby-G watch! It was like an item you have to be in. And I was one happy girl when our Tatay brought my sister and I this cute watches. I used to remember having mine with lights as well.

Rubber Pencils. I remember having these set way back when I was in my pre-school days. They are much lighter that any normal leaded pencil, since it’s lead is made in semi-rubber or plastic. The nice thing about this is that it’s not that messy on paper and when you are sharpening them.

Magic Pencils. I still don’t know why they call it “magic”, when it does not even have any “magical” features. I enjoy having these for my school days because they have in cute patterns. You also get to use pencil again because you just have to refill them.I even have the exact Magic Panda Pencils.

Cassette Tapes. Before all the Soundclouds, MP3s and Spotifys came in, this is were I get to listen to music and sounds. My grandmother has tons of these and from there I was able to love music and enjoys playing them with in our radio.

Plastic Balloons, Kisses, Troll Dolls, Artex Watercolors, 3D View Master, “Grow Me” Dinosaurs, Walkman, Sticky Hand, Choker

Plastic Balloons. One of my all time favorites! I just love how I make big balloons and make them bounce on my palms. And I must say, the smell of plastic on this stuff is quite addictive.

Kisses. These were those kind of stuff that I used to believe that they multiply if you feed them properly with powder and colognes. I usually put them in my small drawers and tubes.

Troll Dolls. When I was a kid, this usually scares me. Not only are they naked, but their big eyes just gives me the creeps. But I still manage to get a collection of them. I also have those pencil stamps from my Aunt.

Artex WatercolorsYou’re one of those cool school kids if you have this in your bag and used for art works. I remember using these babies in coloring my coloring book. But I still don’t get it why I still have a weakness in painting.

View Master. This how we used to enjoy 3D. Through colored films viewed in a “telescopic like” gear. I used to have cartoon designs and patterns.

LampsThis are used to be our “candles” every time there is a blackout. I call them fluorescent in a tube.

Grow Me Dinosaurs. I remember having tons of this. My parents would buy us a separate glass for this so that we don;t get to contaminate the drinking glasses. And I must say, they really look big in glasses. Well, power of science!

Walkman. This was the original handy music gears. My parents still have this, I just don’t remember where they put it. I get to experience this and used this as my portable cassette player as well during my high school and college years. This also served as a recorder.

Sticky Hand. Just like those Slime Toys, I also enjoy the texture of this. Since it’s rubber, I get to play it as a yoyo and the way I also enjoy sticking on the walls.

Choker. I remember my sister and I have this. It was like a fashion trend for us and I also remember having bracelets of this as well. My sister enjoys wearing the choker more than I.


The good old days where we knock our coins to every store that there is just to buy some of those munchies and delights that can make break or snack time very much memorable. 
Ovalteenies, Lipstick Lollipop, Haw Flakes, Mony Milk, “Basta Pinoy” Chips, Animal Biscuits, Honey Pop, Bubble Jug, Pritos Ring, Orange Swits, Stay Fresh, Chocolate Coin, Ding Dong, Haw Haw Milk Powder

Ovalteenies. This was those small bites of Ovaltines. This was one of my favorites chocolate goods. I wonder if they still sell this stuff because I really miss them so bad.

Lipstick Lollipops. Yes, you read it right. They are lollipops shape in lipsticks. This candy is definitely addicting as well. I enjoyed collecting the different colors even when it has only 2-3 flavors.

Haw Flakes. My classmates would usually call this as “hostia” because it resembles the “bread” hat the priest usually gives during communions. I must say for a thin and small candy it really taste good.

Mony Milk. My sister and I would usually enjoy eating this milk powder and would also collect the plastic bottles. We get to re-use them every time we play with our dolls and use them as their milk bottles. My grandmother had this on her store as well.

“Basta Pinoy” Chips. This was one of those cheaper chips bought in “Sari-sari Stores”. The nice thing about these chips as well is that they have freebies inside. Usually I get tex cards, stickers, tattoos and the parachute toys.

Animal Biscuits. A cute and healthy biscuit that comes in animal and reptile cuts. I usually name the biscuit before I get to eat them.

Honey Pop. We have tons of these in our freezer way back. My Nanay would usually have stocks for our “baon” (snacks).

Bubble Jug. Another creative and tasty candy that I really love and enjoyed melting in my tongue.

Pritos Ring, Orange Swits, Stay Fresh, Chocolate Coin, Ding Dong, Haw Haw Milk Powder. Goodies that I usually buy during recess and dismissal for my snacks. I usually end up piling them inside my pocket.

Bazooka Gum, Bobot Candy Coated Peanuts, Sweet Corn & Sweet Heart, Peter’s Butter Ball, Tomi, Richee, Moby, Rin-Bee, PeeWee, Sunshine, Candy Tubes, Kool-Aid Juice, Skittles, DooDoo Candies

Bazooka Bubble Gum. One of my favorite gums. Not only does it taste good but it has these comic strips you can enjoy reading while chewing the gum.

Bobot Candy Coated PeanutsEvery time I get the chance to eat this, my elementary days would always give me that feels. This is also one of those munch goods that I definitely buy in our canteen.

Sweet Corn & Sweet Heart. Since I’m a sweet corn lover, this chips also made into my list for my snacks during recess.

Peter’s Butter Ball. I seldom get the chance see this on stores.It was one of my favorites as well. This was one of those candies that my grandmother (father side (Aunt)) would usually give as a reward every time we massage her.

Tomi, Richee, Moby, Rin-Bee, PeeWee and Sunshine. More chips that I love buying in our canteen during my school days. My most favorite is Sunshine ♥

Candy Tubes. This is were I usually get my rubber bands. They are usually attached at the ends. This is the kind of candy that I find it hard to eat and consume. I usually end up chewing the tube and having my slaiva all over it and still manages to not eat all of them.

Kool Aid. My grandmother would usually buy this brand, because she also use them in making her ice candies. I remember having merch like glass covers, pitchers and mats. I wonder why they are not that popular anymore when they totally taste good.

Skittles. This is one of those candies that is sourly sweet. It is very addicting as well and you get to enjoy it different colors just like Nips and M&Ms (but without the chocolate flavor).

DooDoo Candies. Like the Lollipop Lipstick, this candy is like the “pacifier” for babies, but the twist of this is, it is candy. It has this two sided flavors.

Mik-Mik Milk Powder, White Rabbit Candy, Choko-Choko, Sugar Coated Biscuits

Mik-Mik Milk Powder. Another milk powder. Mik-Mik also comes with chocolate flavor. It has a free straw so you get to eat it without messing and scattering the powder all over your clothes.

White Rabbit Candy. I find this candy very much addicting as well. And it still gives me that curiosity if the white transparent “plastic like” with the candy is edible. Is it?

Choko-Choko. I am addicted to this chocolate goodies. I would usually end up buying 20 pieces of these and I manage to consume everything in just one sitting. It also comes in different flavors. My faves are strawberries, milk, and pandan flavors.

Sugar Coated Biscuits. This is never missed out in my grandmother’s store. I usually spent my savings buying 2-3 plastics of these babies. I also tend to eat the colored and flavored icings leaving all the biscuits inside the bowl or plastic.


Waking up early in the morning just to watch these shows and enjoying just spending the whole day watching the televisions, because those times where definitely the coolest shows era. 
Heidi, Remi, Princess Sarah, Cedi

Heidi, Remi, Princess Sarah, Cedi. These cartoons was definitely made me more nostalgic because they were not just your ordinary cartoons or anime series. They would definitely made an impact in our life and will really make you cry a river.

Mojacko!, Cinderella Story, Crash Gear, X-Men, Angelic Layer, Bear in the Big Blue House, Beyblade, Card Captor Sakura, Yu Yu Hakusho

Mojako. This orange little guy was definitely quite popular that it even made into a cover or brand of a “chicharon” during my elementary days.

Cinderella Story. This was way different from the original Disney Cinderella, but it’s twist was also a must watch!

Crash Gear. This is the anime that made me make my Tatay buy me my very own crash gear. And I watch this series because of Kuroudo Marume (funny name ayt?)

X-Men. My ultimate and all time favorite Marvel Series. My favorite character back then was Storm.

Angelic Layer. This was actually my sister’s favorite Anime, but the way the characters plays with their dolls and cool animation made me watch this series as well.

Bear in the Big Blue House. My sister is fond of watching Kids Shows, that eventually intrigued me to watch. Thus, meet Bear, too bad Shadow and Luna wasn’t in the picture.

Beyblade. The Anime Series that made me make Nay buy the beyblade toy and the arena.

Card Captor Sakura. I got addicted to this anime when I first watched in a VHS that Tatay rented. From there, my love for anime started and I became addicted more than ever. I even have the set of Claw Cards from this series (which I’ll be featuring one of these days in my posts).

Yu Yu Hakusho. Who is not familiar with Ghost Fight (Yu Yu Hakusho) which it started the arena games and after life genres. I first watched this series in Channel 13 way back (which I forgot the name but it used to be a very popular channel as well)

Judy Abbot, Digimon, Mojako, Doug, Harry Potter, Power Rangers, Pepper Ann, Matilda, Magic Twins

Judy Abbot. The popular Daddy Long Legs is definitely this series. My sister and I would usually wake up early in the morning just to watch this and we would always get so “kilig” with this series. Her voice is still imprinted in me.

Digimon. My sister and I would usually sneak to open the television in a low volume just to watch this. Since Lola wouldn’t allow us to stay late at night just watching televisions. Yes, our Lola is very strict when it comes to our bedtime and sleeping hours.

Doraemon. Well, everyone knows who this guy is. Who doesn’t ayt? The big blue cat that has everything inside his pocket! Oooh, the wonders.

Doug. My sister used to watch this in Disney. We would always make sure not to miss any episodes of this. I just admire Doug for his imaginations and how he loves to draw.

Harry Potter. The time the “Boy with the scar” aired and made us begging for more. It like we age with them as well. I even come to a point where I really wanted every merch of HP. I even got to the point where I imagined to be Daniel Radcliffe’s girlfriend. Yes, I must really be that naive and crazy.

Power Rangers. “Go! Go! Power Rangers!!” I used to have fights with my sister that I wanted to be the Pink Ranger and she can have the yellow ranger. I really just have this thing for pinks back then and for being the girly type.

Pepper Ann. Who remembers the girl in purple with a ginger hair and glasses? Yes! It’s Pepper Ann alright! I watched this together with the Doug series as well.

Matilda. The girl who has the power to do telepathy! She was the girl I wanted to be when I was little. I wanted to move things even without touching them that I wanted to become like a mutant then.

Magic Twins. My sister and I was a fan of this animated series where the twins get to travel through time every time they get to make their pinkies crossed. Amazing right? Say hello to Tomomi and Mikage.

Magic Knight Rayearth, Fushigi Yuugi, Gensomaden Sayuki, Recess, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Sesame Street, The Muppets, Magic Doll Lyka

Magic Knight Rayearth. “Kami narito, asan niyo magtatanggol, makikipaglaban para sa kapayapaan” (“Here we are. We are going to defend in the name of peace“). Didi you just sang it as well? Well here is to the coolest and stylish warrior of Rayearth!

Fushigi YuugiThis was definitely my ultimate favorite anime by Yu Watase. I remember watchin this series with our neighbors and we really can’t help but get “kilig” in every episode that there is. Not only does the show keeps you falling in love but it will also make you laugh so hard. I also used to memorize the songs of it. I even have tons of stickers, cards, posters and even my very own Questor magazine as well. 

Gensomaden Sayuki. The four handsome guys that I got hooked watching in AXN! Yes, it the semi-demon guys.

Who doesn’t love RECESS!!! Where everything can happen during the break time? Cool ayt?

Sailor Moon. “Parurusahan kita sa ngalan ng buwan”. The original stylish warrior of the galaxies! I even get to the point to collect every minidolls and shirts! My favorite character back then was Sailor Jupiter. Imagine that I went green as my fave colors back then.

Well who doesn’t love Pikachu and the other awesome Pokemons! I remembered buying tons of Pogs, Tex Cards and even cute stickers due to my addiction to this series. I even made my Nanay buy me the miniature dolls of this.

Sesame Street. The most adorable monsters I get hooked to, just like The Muppets.

The Muppets. Well we all love Kermit the Frog ayt? Those were the days when my sister still can manage to lokk at frogs.

Magic Doll Lyka. One of the Anime series that my sister and I got addicted to. We even imagined our dolls having their lives as well and they can do stuff like just a normal person.

Hirayang Manawari, Sineskwela, Rolly Polly Olly, Teenage Mutant Ninjya Turtles, Dragon Ball Z, Wedding Peach, Hunter x Hunter, Zenki, Flame of Recca

Hirayang Manawari. From the song to it’s stories, it is when my sister and I get to enjoy every mornings just watching the educational stories and tales from this show. We still get nostalgic every time we get the chance to hear it’s opening song. 

SineskwelaRemember the team that made us learn Science in a more creative way? My sister would even make fun that I looked like one of the characters here, can you tell who ist it? And btw, can you spot Atom Arolio as well?

Rolly Polly Olly. Another kid show that made my morning more fun as always. Zoe is the cutest ever!!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Another marvel heroes that made my childhood the coolest ever!!! I was even compared to these because I was bald when I was a baby.

Dragon Ball Z. The best Anime ever!! The Super Sayans!! This is the reason why I get hooked to tex cards, action figures and pogs as well.

Wedding Peach. The reason to love weddings! I almost mistaken this for Rayearth, but they are more of the warriors that wears wedding dresses. My sister and I would always fight because we both want Yuri!

Zenki. Well well, who remembers this guy? I used to have masks of him since my Lola is selling them in her store. The young child that becomes a teenager every time he transforms.

Hunter X Hunter. I remembered how I wanted to watch every bit of episodes of this series that even our TV was semi-damage I still see to it that I was able to hear the series. I even had tons of tex cards, posters and collectibles as well. Killua was just to die for.

Flame of ReccaAnother series to die for watching! More fighting scenes and action moves. I even got hooke to singing their OST even when I don;t understand every single word I utter.

Esperanza, Mula Sa Puso, Slam Dunk, Titanic

I never became a teleserye fan, but “Esperanza” and “Mula Sa Puso” was one of those series that really made us to watch and hate those villains. They even made a movie of this popular serye because it made the charts and rates of the viewers. I even remembered buying a book of this as well. Yes, they have a book!

Slam Dunk. The basket ball team that made our TV series really shout  “L-O-V-E Rukawa!!” I also remembered dancing to their OST during my elementary days with my best friends. From there, our group became very popular in the school campus.

Titanic. I’m flying Jack, well this made us hate the ships and travel by sea. But made us believe in true love as well. We can never forget the most romantic love story existed and foretold! Rose x Jack forever!


Singing and dancing to their songs was never been the same. 


Remember the girls who made the songs “Candy”“Oops I did it Again” and “Genie In A Bottle” popular? Well, still and forever their avid fans!!!

Westlife, TLC, STEPS, Savage Garden, S Club 7, A-Teens, Eraserheads, Destiny’s Child, A1, NSYNC, Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys

Westlife. The one who made the songs “If I Let You Go”, “My Love”, “Flying Without Dreams”, “Uptown Girl” and etx the most LSS-ing songs. My ultimate crush then was Mark Feehily (but sadly he was gay, which def broke my heart)

TLC. I remembered enjoying and dancing to their hit song “Scrubs”!!

STEPS. “5, 6, 7, 8”, well steps are on the way indeed. I remember watching to their groove during my elementary intrams, where I get to dance with pompoms.

Savage Garden. This two member group who made the songs “I Knew I Loved You Before I met You” really top the charts as well.

S Club 7. My sister and I was an avid fan that we even watch their Disney series when it aired. Songs such as “Reach For The Stars” and “I Never Had A Dream Come True” was one of their hit singles.

A-Teens. Remember the group that made our world “Upside Down” and travel “Half Way Around The World”, well here they are.

Eraserheads. I met this band when my sister and I were discovering some of my grandmother’s cassette tapes. Yes, the nice thing about my Lola is that she is updated as well. We learned to love them from there and El Bimbo became one of our ultimate favorite song. We even used to dance it.

Destiny’s Child. Remember the girls who made the song “Survivor” popular? Here they are. The days where Beyonce still works in a group. Yes, hey used to be a four member group

A1. “Like A Rose”, “Same Old Brand New” and many more are just one of their hit singles that made to my collections as well. My sister was to die for Ben while I was for Mark.

NSYNC. This has been one of my boybands as well. Their songs such as “Bye Bye”, “This I Promise You” are just one of my favorite songs. I used to have a cassette tape of their songs as well.

Who doesn’t want this Spice Girls? I even wanted to be one of their members and my sister and I would even name our Barbies after these ladies.So “Wannebe” and “2 Become 1” are just one of their hits.

Backstreet Boys. Songs such as “As Long As You Love Me”, and the most handsome boy band who can dance as well. I just can;t get enough of Nick Carter!!


Before all those E-books came into existence.


Yes baby! I almost had 4-5 issues of these. My very first Questor Magazine was Fushigi Yuugi. My sister had the Hunter X Hunter issue (yes, she used to be an anime lover), but from there I kept on begging her to give me her issue as well. I met this Anime magazine during my elementary days from my best friends. We used to collect these and evn made a club where we get to talk about anime and so much more.


Well, I got hooked to collecting this saga when my best friends bought one from Baguio. From there we just can’t help to compare ourselves with each character. Will was Bezie, Irma was Gue, Taranee was Kit, Cornelia was She and I was Hay Lin. But I must say this book was more of the new millennium (Y2K) era.


Same as for the Random Magazine. K-Zone is definitely one of those merch that I also collected. My Tatay would always buy me one every month. Addicted ayt?


I was a fan of these comic strips and I still manage to read them when I get the chance even in newspapers. I get the chance to watch series of these way back in Disney Channel. The way Archie is confused between Betty and Veronica is just so hilarious.


 Nido Series! I remember having these books accompanied with a cassette tape. It was definitely one those educational merch you get to have every time you buy a can of Nido.


I used to love books and enjoys reading these series. My Aunt from America would usually send us these. 


Another set of books that my Aunt would send us. This was quite addictive to read and my sister would usually just spend the afternoon reading books.
One of my favorite book series that my Aunt also sends us. It was more addictive than Sweet Valley High!
If all of these goes in your check list and you have experienced, then surely you’re childhood is better than any other child. Cool isn’t it? It will just make you smile every time you’ll remember those days and hoping that you can turn back time when everything was just so simple.

So I hope you had fun traveling back in time. 
 If ever I missed something, 
feel free to post your experience as well below.

Can’t wait to read them! ☺

Disclaimer: Photos are randomly searched via Google Images and are credit to its owners. 
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  • Reply kelsey October 4, 2017 at 11:40 am

    omg I’m 90’s kid but I was born in 2003

    • Reply Ajein Relova October 13, 2017 at 12:15 pm

      Ohhh. You also get to experience these? 😀

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