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Suddenly It’s Magic: Most Memorable Movie Lines

Rating: ★★★★

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama 

Since I was being a bum after coming from work, I come across Suddenly It’s Magic (which I’ve been curiously dying to see after it was released last year 2012), I was at first having second thoughts on watching it. But since the co-star was none other than Mario Maurer, I was really into watching the movie then. And since I get attached to it’s story line and quotables lines, I just can’t help but make a review of it.  

It’s just to sad that I was able to watch it almost 30 minutes ago, since it started, but still I was engrossed to see the movie. At first, I was thinking it will all be korny or cheesy, since it is a collaborated movie of Philippines and Thailand, but I was wrong. If I were to rate it based on the quotes, lessons and as well as the swoon factor.

It talks about how you are really willing to do anything when it comes to relationships. Specially when you know that you have found it already. The one that you’ll be keeping for keeps. It may sound cliche, but let’s just face it, in each and everyone of us longs for a happy ending.

The story revolved around the life of Joey (Erich Gonzales) and Marcus (Mario Maurer), where life comes to a twist when they met. The usual “enemy-turn-to-lovers” was their meet-up, but the story got a little interesting since the two of them comes from different countries and provinces, language is one of their barriers and hindrances in having a easy relationship. Also from their personal differences, made them fall for each other even more.

I was just caught with their characters, since it represents two individuals on how they faced LOVE when it comes knocking at them.

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JOEY (Josephine ‘Joey’ Hermosa Erich Gonzales)

She is the typical Filipina, that is into heart when doing something. She bakes cupcakes and other pastries as her living. She is also the kind of girl who is afraid to enter into a relationship after having a heartache from his ex-boyfriend Marvin (Guji Lorenzana), who cheated on her. From there, then closed her heart into falling in love and as well as having fears in entering another again. She was afraid to try and enter into something, when she knows that she will just be hurting once again. The more that she feared love, because of her family background that turned out to be the unusual time. Being a daughter outside. The more that she suppressed and shun herself into the concept of love and everything that has to do with it.
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MARCUS (Marcus Hanson Mario Maurer)

He’s the typical good looking guy and a famous actor in Thailand. He loves his job so much that he met the girl of her dreams, Sririta (Baifern Pimchanok), in his career. But just like any other showbiz relationships, he got his heart broken into pieces and started hating his job because of the girl. Then he decided to go to the Philippines to unwind, not knowing he’ll be finding the girl who he will truly love for the rest of his life. He is the kind of guy that will do anything just to keep his girl and will definitely be proud to show his feelings for her.

The most movie was just full of nice quotes that you will def love and as well as will mark our minds and hurts. Here are some of those catchy lines that will def live you almost memorizing some.

“I’m getting all of my dreams because you set me free. And all of my dreams would mean more if you’re with me. And I still love you. I would like to think and to believe that this time we’re stronger, we’re more grown-up, we know better, and because we know what’s like to be apart from each other. And no matter how tough things get, we’re not gonna let each other go again. Will you be with me?” – Marcus

Joey: Love? Hindi totoo yan. Ang tanga tanga mo. How can you allow yourself to believe, when all this time you knew it was just a beautiful lie. 
Marcus: It’s not a lie. They may have lied to us, but the love we felt from them, the love they gave. That was true. That’s why it hurts. And that’s why we learn to appreciate the next one that comes along.

    I stopped liking fairy tales and happy endings a long time ago. But’re making me believe in them again.” – Marcus

    I’m sorry. I couldn’t imagine keeping you a secret. You are too good, too beautiful, too wonderful to be kept a secret.” – Marcus

    I didn’t pray that I’d find you, I didn’t ask the universe for you, but here you are. Someone up there must like me.” – Marcus

    Eh kasi naman ang problema sayo Joey, pinapangunahan ka palagi ng imahinasyon mo. Hindi pa nangyayare iniisip mo ng mabibigo ka. Hindi pa nagsisimula, tinatapos mo na.” – Joey’s friend

    “But just when you think you’ll never know how that magic feels like, someone unexpectedly comes along. And he’s amazing. He makes everything better. And he makes you smile again. He made you believe in the magic you always secretly wished were true…” – Joey

    But all of my dreams would mean more if you’re with me.” – Marcus

    “Seize every opportunity that comes your way. Because the worst thing that could happen is that you pick the love of your life, over the life that you love, and you end up hating them both in the end.” – Marcus’ Mom

    “I would like to think and to believe that this time we’re stronger, we’re more grown up, we know better. And because we know what it’s like to be apart from each other, no matter how tough things get, we’re not going to let each other go again.” Marcus

      And these scenes really got me swoon, and they are really effective as love teams indeed.

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      It’s a really good movie even if there are parts that are predictable, but this will surely touch your hearts and feelings. You’ll learn a lot specially when it comes on being in a relationship and able to surpass trials that comes the way.

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