Sunshine Blog Award

Sunshine Blog Award Vol. 01

It’s nice to be appreciated once in a while, specially when people compliments you as well as encourages you be the best of what you can be. Thank you so much Bee for nominating and tagging me as well. I’ve known her since my college days, but since we are not in the same class, we didn’t really get the chance to know personally. We both took up Nursing, but we still do what we really passionately love more than it. She’s quite an awesome person as well. This is made my day today and would definitely make the day of others as well. 


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    Surely this has been  my first award here in blogger. And the mechanics may not be that familiar to me, but since there are these simple rules to go by, I think it will just easy as one to three. Since I’ve been piling my posts as well and don’t know what to post yet, this is quite very interesting to start with.

    So here out is goes. 

    1. Frustrated Artist. 

    Yes! I’m very much into arts. I love doodling, painting (which I’m very much working on this one), sketching and whatsoever I can do with a clean surface or blank paper with a pencil or pen to go with it. I’ve been into this way back when I was young. I got my talent from my Tatay and he would always encourage me and Nanay to continue this passion. They really see that I got potentials and they really support me. I’m not good but I’m trying my best to be one someday. I even started my very own commission. [x]

    2. I am “talkative”. 

    Super! They say that when I get to be comfortable with a group of people, I really tend to really crack my nutshell and just go on with my unending stories. There are even times that when I’m in the peak of telling something or talking, I tend to talk very fast with no pauses.  

    3. Anime Lover

    I’m 23 years old, but my fondness of Anime never fades. I’ve been an avid fan and a collector of merch when I was in grade school. I even had my 4 best buddies, that we even had our own Anime club and was nearly to publish our very first Anime story. Sadly, it was never pursued since we have to separate ways in high school. My Nanay would also call me “kinu-kinu” (small mouse) everytimes she hears the show I’m watching in Japanese dubs. 

    4. Sing a tune  and dance a rhythm. 

    I can sing and dance. I’m just the average girl who can sing a tune and dance a rhythm. I guess I can be more if I excel my time and effort as well, but every time I try to be, I tend to be lazy getting to work. 

    5. Certified OCPD. 

    Perfectionist in some ways, and it really gets me anxious when every thing is not in order. A Type-A personality I am. It gets on my nerves when even the slightest things are not in it’s place. And one of those thing that really gets on my nerves when it gets dirty even to a smallest particle – my glasses. Yes, you’ll understand it very well when you get to know me personally. 

    6. I love stars, pigs and sunflowers

    I’m have this philia over stars, pigs and sunflowers. Anything that goes with it, surely will get my attention as long as it’s cute and adorable.

    7. Registered Nurse and Midwife. 

    I am a Nurse and a Midwife. I graduated from Aquinas University of Legazpi know called UST- Aquinas. It’s funny how I hated science when I was in my grade shool and high school years, yet ended up taking this one. There even was a n instance in my life that I wanted to pursue taking up Medicine. I learned to loved it I guess, but art is still  my first love. 

    8. Frustrated Model. 

    I am into photography, and I’m into posing as well. I guess it just started when I had boosted my self confidence now, since I really changed a lot specially on how I look. It really makes me come out of my comfort zone and be able to pose and express. I’m no certified model, but I can pose for fun shoots if ever. My sister and I are self proclaimed FILED Ambassadors as well. 

    9. Addicted player or gamer. 

    When I get to play video games, play stations or computer games, I can really be addicted to it or even get obsessed to it. I remember my RO (Ragnarok Online) days where I get to play ’til 2-4 am in the morning. Yes! I usually lose track of time when I am enjoying. 

    10. A girl who loves to write. 

    I have many thoughts running inside my mind that I tend to write them down or blog about it. I usually write very long ones, but I assure that it is worth a read. And writing never gets old, because it’s more traditional and more 

    11. Bible believing Christian. 

    Yes! I am a Born Again. I professed my faith way back April 28, 2002 with my sister. And life was never the same for me and my family. My views in life changes and I get to trust God more than I usually do. He never fails to surprise me as well as to remind me when I am going the wrong way. He is indeed far greater than anything in this world.


    1. How did you end up blogging?

    I was very talkative and I usually have many thoughts in my mind that I wanted others to read. I am not such a good writer, but I love to write rather than reading. From there, I decided to enter the life of a blogger way back in high school. It started as a “online journal” that ended up top being my personal blog. And since then it has been a part of me. 

    2. What do you hope to achieve in your life?

    I tend to achieve something beyond what I can do. I still hope I can be able to really do something what I passionately love doing. It’s art! I still wanted to pursue it even if it’s a hobby and be able to earn from it. 

    3. Which celebrity/idol do you look up to?

    I usually don’t idolize them. Since God is the only one to be worship or looked up to. More to say the person that inspires me, I guess. It would have been, Yeng Constantino. Yes, she is a local artist here in the Philippines but she can be bigger than her height and she is more than what meets the eye. She inspires me since she was 18 when she joined Pinoy Dream Academy and from there she really made appreciate the things, the talents given by God as well as to the relationship we ought to reciprocate to the Lord too.  

    4. Describe your latest fashion choices.

    My fashion choices I guess, would be more of the girly vintage type of style. The more vintage it gets, the more I love it. 

    5.  Do you have a special talent?

    I guess it would have been my talent for art. I am still improving on some aspects, but this is what defines me and this is where I get to express more. 

    6. What are your top 5 makeup items and why?

    I’m really not a type of person who knows a lot about make ups, but I’m starting one way or another to be familiar with it. My top 5 would be a: 1) Lip gloss – dry lips are a big no no 2) BB Cream – it’s very handy as well as serves a foundation too that doesn’t easily wore off 3) Eye shadows – I’ve started using one when my Nanay and Auntie started giving me one. 4) Eye brow pencil – This has been very handy as well to add contours and emphasis on my brows shape, but I still need practice though. And lastly, 5) Eye liner – well, I’m in the process of buying one still. 

    7. Where do you get the confidence to do what you do (i.e. blogging, modelling)?

    I get my confidence from myself. Well, we all have to start with oneself before accepting compliments and praises from others. It also depends on the people who truly see what you are capable as well. Because there will always be the ones who will bring you down no matter what. 

    8. How do spend your spare time?

    I doodle, blog and do some “modeling” in fun shoots. 

    9. Any life accomplishments you are truly proud of?

    It would be graduating with honors, passing my boards. The journey to it was never easy when I was still a student, but my parents were there to help me out and God never left me, and He’ll never will.

    10. Any life projects you are currently working on?

    My Sample Commission. I’m starting little by little, and hopefully to gain more. 

    11. Is there anyone you personally know (other than your family) whom you admire or look up to that influences your life and why?

    As far, it would be my closest friends. They tend to boost me and makes me come out of my shell. They believed so much that even I can’t imagine I am capable of doing.



    1. How did you ended up entering the world of blogging?
    2. Do you believe in God? How did God touched your life?
    3. What are passionate about?
    4. Someone who had a very much impact in your life.
    5. What makes you smile and happy?
    6. How much did you achieved so far?
    7. How do you tend to inspire others?
    8. Who is your favorite artist/inspiration and why?
    9. Something that you value the most and why?
    10. If ever given a chance to live your life in a different way, how would you live it?
    11. 5 ways you do to make a difference in this world. 
    I really enjoyed answering this one. I thank Bee for nominating and tagging me once again. Not only I get know myself even more, it also helped me assessed how much I’ve change one way. You can visit her as well to know how awesome person she is too, at

    Now to my nominees, it time to shine and spread those rays of sunshine to others. Hope you’ll enjoy having this award as I enjoyed it. Link me after, I can’t wait how you shine brightly as well.
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