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Suzhou: Guide For Wedding Dress Market

Engagements, invitations, flower arrangement and rings are just one of the few items that should not be missed in an “I-am-getting-married” list. Decorations and themes are also jotted and the most challenging part is finding the right garments to suit the taste of the bride and groom. Grooms are usually taken at ease but the most strenuous part is for the bride. So to the brides to be, I got a nice treat for you!

Suzhou is one of the main Chinese wedding dress wholesale markets found in China. Their wedding dresses are welcomed by wholesalers as well as online retailers who guarantee you with higher and sophisticated qualities in minimum order quantity. Unlike in Guangzhou, the wedding dress production level is higher and no MOQ. So If you want to reduce your own costs through importing wedding dress from overseas, then you would be interested in Suzhou wedding dress market.

Where To Find The Wholesale Wedding Dresses In Suzhou?

According to statistics, there are more than six hundred (600) wedding dress shops to provide all kinds of wedding dresses and peripheral products in Hu Qiu Wedding Street.

Even though there are more than one thousand (1,000) wedding dress factories in Hu Qui, the facility and the production environment is quite challenging. Thus it is essential to visit their production workshop and know their real forte if you want to have a harmonize relationship with them.

Which Is The Biggest Wedding Dress Factory In Hu Qiu?

There is no doubt that many purchasers want the best. As mentioned above, there many factories to choose from in Suzhou, Hu Qiu, but there is always that is on top. After all, cooperating with a sturdy factory may help you save so much time and effort.

Jusere Wedding & Evening Dress Co., Ltd. is the most evocative manufacturer in Suzhou. Founded in 2002 and has the largest exhibition hall in Suzhou with a professional design team consisted of  thirty (30) designers. Their goods are exported to more than thirty (30) countries. They just provide you with tons of dress ideas and designs. Here are some of my favorites from the exquisite works.

Wedding Dresses

Bridal Wedding Gown Ruffled Lace Edge  | US $ 332.20 (PhP 15,310.43)

Luxury V-neck Sleeveless Lace Tulle | US $ 325.59 (PhP 15,001.64)

High Neck Natural Tulle Beaded  | US $ 350.00 (PhP 16,130.80)

Off Shoulder Sweetheart Neckline Ruffle Peplum | US $ 400.27 (PhP 18,469.77)

Trumpet Lace Bridal Gown Tulle Beading | US $ 262.00 (PhP 12,075.06)

Evening Dresses

Champagne Embroidery Branch Organza Chapel Train Paiting Leaf Applique | US $ 399.00 (PhP 18,389.11)

Appliques Brown Color Off Shoulder | US $ 515.00 ( PhP 23,735.32)

Embroidered Tree Branch Hem and Train | US $ 519.00 ( PhP 23,919.67)

Aside from Jusere, there are still some reputable factories like TianCiLiangYuan, TianYiWuFeng but most of these factories focuses on Chinese market only. They specialize at elements favored by Chinese such as heavy gold and embroidered by hand. You can consider this kind of company if you are interested in the Chinese style wedding dress.

As the saying goes, “Seeing is believing.” so if you want to find a reliable and long-term cooperation wedding dress factory, you’d better visit it. Negotiating with the local manufacturers personally and watching their facilities and finished products is better than searching some information online. If you can’t go to Suzhou, then ordering samples in advance is absolutely necessary.

How To I Get To Suzhou?

In addition, for some buyers eager to visit the city, the below are what you need to pay attention to.

  1. No airport in Suzhou, you need to take a plane to Shanghai Pudong Airport. (You can also research for more details via online on how you will be able to get here.)
  2. It is necessary to exchange currency in advance, although the Shanghai Airport and the bank of China will provide exchange service, it will charge you with handling fee accordingly. (usually fee is RMB 50, about US $7.69 (PhP 354.00))
  3. The overall consumption of Shanghai is much higher than that of Suzhou. After arriving in Shanghai, you can go to Suzhou by high-speed rail or taxi. From there, book a local hotel directly. Mostly hotels of Suzhou provide western food, and you can see KFC, McDonald’s and Starbucks anywhere.
  4. It is better to contact the local factories before coming to Suzhou, such as Jusere, they will help you to reserve the local hotel and provide special car to drive you to Hu Qiu to visit their stores.

How convenient right?

To guarantee the quality of the products, at the same time to earn more profits, the best way is to work with local factory directly. Whether you are the new buyer who wants to open a new wedding dress store, or the veteran who has lots of branch stores, Suzhou will be your ideal choice if you are going to source wedding dress factory in China.

So let’s start shopping for your big beautiful wedding day or be one of the best wedding shops working with the creative wonder of Suzhou and Jusere Wedding & Evening Dress Co., Ltd.

Jusere Wedding And Evening Dress Co. Ltd
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