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Museo Orlina is owned by a glass sculptor named Mr. Ramon Orlina. He brought life to glasses and gave meaning to it rather than just being a mere material. He was able to give art and fascinating illustrations using these mediums. From his works, he became the pioneer and made his name known in the country. The way he just conceptualizes his visions are just beyond words. Thus, this fascinating are comprised of his greatest works and collections. So let’s take a tour inside one of the coolest museum here in the Philippines.

Upon entering the museo you can already see how the artist manages to make it simple yet classy. The minimalism is just everywhere and it’s just worth every click from the camera. There is also this shelf where the artist compiled all of the trophies and awards he got from various events and occasions. 
Mister Orlina’s Trophy Shelf
If you are lucky enough when you get to visit the museo you can meet the artist behind it. None other than Mister Ramon Orlina. He welcomed us in his museo and even manages to have a group picture with him. We are just so blessed. He was very hospitable and gave us a little orientation about the place. He also gave us tips during our visit to the museo.
Mister Ramon Orlina in the flesh
Museo Orlina’s building


As you enter the museo. you will already fall in love with the class and the simplicity of every artworks inside. What is nice about Mr. Orlina’s museo is that he also included other artist’s masterpieces which also added color to his works. Being an artist just made me so blissful looking at every works and hoping to have my very own gallery someday.

Pink Santan by Angelo Baldemor
Santan Bench by Angelo Baldemor
Hawla (Cage) by Max Balatbat
At the left side of the lounge, Mr. Orlina’s fancy works were also displayed. I can’t help but fall in love with it’s creativity and get fascinated on how he manages to make something out of glass.

Nude in Light Yellow by Rene Nobles
Clear Sensations by R. Orlina
Reunited by R. Orlina
Ningning by Deep Amber by R. Orlina
Sailing by R. Orlina
Tower by R. Orlina
Hero’s Mother by R. Orlina
Sunburst by R. Orlina
Dancer by R. Orlina
Game of Chance by Santiago Bose
Means I Love You by R. Orlina


The museo just gets better at every corner. There are collections that you might even want include in your own home or even as an accessory.

Day Dreaming by N. A Herry Navarro
Orlina Jewelry Collection by R. Orlina

This is one of my favorite. Just looking at these thirteen (13) lovely glass jewelries are just so dazzling. These are composed of the “Cleopatra” Neckpiece, “Lay Ann” Pendant, “Diana” Neckpiece, “Marcella Mariño de Agoncillo I” Pendant, “Maria Y. Orosa” Ring, “Josefa Llanes Escoda” Ring,  “Anita Noble” Ring, “Monina” Pendant, “Imelda” Neckpiece, “Corazon” Neckpiece, “Anna” Pendant, “Catherine” Pendant, and “Angelina” Bangle

If you weren’t able to attend the orientation upon getting inside the museo you can use the digital tablet where you can have more information about Mister Orlina and his works. It also serves a mini guide around the museum if ever you want a wider view inside of it. What is totally cool about this museum is that you can also get interactive with the place and the collections that Mr. Orlina made. He makes it very friendly and a real nice place to be educated about these necessary art mediums. It is just so nice.

Kuya Boy trying the Digital Site & Guide


If ever you failed to have a shot with Mister Orlina, you can have a portrait shot with him on your way upstairs the museum. Just like most of us did.

Colorful stairs

I just love how colorful the designs of the stairs. It just compliments and gives that artsy feels as you go every levels of Museo Orlina. As you wander the upstairs part of the museo there are more of his works and from the other artists.

Eagles Head by R. Orlina
Virgen Maria by R. Orlina
Relix by R. Orlina
Basketball Mini by R. Orlina
Wave Twilight by R. Orlina
Day and Night of the owl by R. Orlina
Fertile Crescent by R. Orlina
Crescent Ball by R. Orlina
Rubix by R. Orlina

Not only the displayed artworks are very much fascinating but also the different interiors and even furnitures surrounding the museo. It really adds to the overall look of the gallery. 


There were also famous head piece that were sculptured and displayed inside the museo. I really admire sculptors and how they manages to make a portrait in 3Ds. They truly have a gifted hand as an artist. 

 Wood sculpture of former President Cory Aquino. 

Ate Zah with Papa P

Your eyes got it right. You have spotted Piolo Pascual and just like the sculpture of Miss Cory Aquino, this is just so awesome!
Since Mister Orlina’s work has been famous, it was featured in various events and occasions around the country and the world. It makes you feel so proud and be inspired by this kind of artist. 

Pamaypay ng Maynila by R. Orlina
Seaform by Dale Chichuly
Quattromondial by R. Orlina
Perfection by R. Orlina


On the left room upstairs, there is a more complicated and more fascinating glass sculptors made by the artist. He never failed to amaze me more with the kind of art he does every time he moolds them. He really has the hand for this kind of medium.


The basement part of the museo comprises anything that is very much a Filipino genre. It serves also a way to patronize the Filipino culture, traditions and practices. 

 Paintings located at the lower level of the museum. 

As you go your way outside the museo you can see various glass chandeliers that are just so classy and blends well with the daylight. It gives that refreshing and crystalize look as it reflects on the wall and the window. 

This is another one who made to my favorites. It just gives me that elegant and “Frozen” feels. I just can’t help but stare at it for another couple of minutes.

 So if ever you go to Tagaytay City or just within the vicinity, make sure to drop by or take a visit to this wonderful land of glasses. 

Museo Orlina
Operating Hours: 
Tuesday to Sundays: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

General: PHP 100.00
Students and Senior Citizens (with IDs): PHP 90.00 

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