Thankful Tuesdays

Thankful Tuesdays Vol. 02

A link-up with Micha‘s Thankful Tuesdays. Since Tuesday doesn’t get much attention, Thankful Tuesdays is just a delightful way to be thankful for the graces and blessings that the Lord showers us through the week.

It’s been a tough week but I thank the Lord for making me get through it with these bountiful graces.

  1. Indulging to Wacky’s Beef Stroganoff on a Friday night with Jane and Jeonald. Its been a long time since I got to eat their again. Happy tummy indeed.
  2. Thinking of happy thoughts with Pan. It is so nice to see a different side of the story of Disney’s Peter Pan.
  3. Went on a spontaneous trip to Malilipot and back to Legazpi in just a span of 1 hour just to get my review materials in Midwifery. Talk about a fast trip.
  4. Added four (4) new songs to my phone’s “Circa 2011 College Playlist”. That’s why it’s a big deal.
  5. Reminiscing childhood memories with my co-workers/friends during lunch time.
  6. Ended a contract in one of my online job since I can’t attend to it anymore. Having a hard time adjusting and setting my priorities.
  7. Thinking of starting a new project sometime this month.
  8. Collaborated with a group of awesome bloggers for an ultimate giveaway. Giving a treat and sending our love back to all our readers and supporters out there.
  9. Being invited and joining blogger groups. This is just another nice way to meet new people and make friends in the blogosphere.
  10. Sundate, going to church and game night with my sweetest Yobo.

Despite the anxious weekend, the Lord always remind me with, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” (Philippians 4:6)

So that’s my week so far, where did God take you so far?

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