Thankful Tuesdays

Thankful Tuesdays Vol. 10

A link-up with Micha‘s Thankful Tuesdays. Since Tuesday doesn’t get much attention, Thankful Tuesdays is just a delightful way to be thankful for the graces and blessings that the Lord showers us through the week.

The cold breeze is indeed felt in the air and only a few days before the happy holidays. It was indeed a busy week but all of them I raise to the Lord and continue to be thankful for being able to surpass and endure it.

  1. A tall cup of Wintermelon Milk Tea to make my Monday night.
  2. Yobo and I watched El Presidente last Sunday and it really made us realized that it wasn’t that of a great movie. That’s why you can’t really blame why some cinemas where having second thoughts on showing Heneral Luna this year. But I must say one way or the other E. Aguinaldo’s love for our country is one heroic deed you can actually praise him for.
  3. Watching Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu No F and Digimon Adventure Tri with Yobo made us wander back to our elementary days and pumping our otaku side. Cha-La Head-Chala!!!
  4. Having so much fun filling and designing my doodle planner. Can’t wait to share some of my  illustrations on my Instagram once I’m done with it.
  5. Yobo’s fascination about Star Wars and being competitive when we were assembling two (2) LEGO Stormtroopers. Planning on growing their numbers soon.
  6. Being safe from further harm despite that I slipped last Saturday and got a scratch on my fingers and an abrasion on my right knee. After 21 years, I get to feel the pain of having a wound again and the excruciating pain of disinfecting it with alcohol.
  7. Went to Yashano Mall last Saturday with my friends/co-workers and had so much fun roaming and shopping for the prizes we will be giving during the Volunteer’s Day. I just fell in love with the place and even started wanting to have my own house because of all the cool house stuff. They were fancy yet at a very affordable prize. What a great deal!
  8. Got the chance to renew my NBI clearance. I must say their processes and the place was still the same even after 4 years.
  9. 10 days before Star Wars: The Force Awakens!!!

December is just getting better each passing days and I can’t wait for the Lord’s graces for the upcoming ones. “They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.” –  Lamentations 3:23

How’s your week being showered so far?

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