Thankful Tuesdays

Thankful Tuesdays Vol. 14

A link-up with Micha‘s Thankful Tuesdays. Since Tuesday doesn’t get much attention, Thankful Tuesdays is just a delightful way to be thankful for the graces and blessings that the Lord showers us through the week.

It feels good to awaken my brain cells again and be able to be back on track. Yes, I missed a few post schedules due to some of the events in my life was not that exciting. So I tend to pile them all for this volume.

  1. Finally got the chance to apply for a passport and I just can’t contain my happiness when I finished all the processes. It’s like I was able to cross one from my things I want to do for this year.
  2. I was always a fan of clean and monochromatic hues that I decided to finally give my Instagram a whole new look. Yes, it actually took me years before I was finally able to choose the right filter and editing modes for it.
  3. Yobo and I went on a nice outing with his high school friends at Dos Montes Resort last week and it was really nice to be around a new bunch of people. Not only that, I suddenly wanted to learn how to swim so bad (I should include that in my bucket list perhaps).
  4. I got really hooked to the twelve (12)-episode anime called, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (My Little Monster). It was just so cute and funny that even Yobo started watching it with me.
  5. I have a new job description and it will be a challenging one. I will really miss Turbo Boots and all the Kick TB concepts. Which also reminds me, I actually forgot to share what that was about. Maybe one of my next posts.
  6. Being 25 just makes you more cautious and conscious on where money goes. That is why I started working on my 52-week challenge and it really feels good to be on track. I just really hope I can finish this one.
  7. Finally regained the artist in me again. It’s been a while since I got hold of my pencils and papers.
  8. Yobo and I started playing Clash of Clans (anjo and Redglace) and we were just so addicted. It’s just so funny that we got hooked when the hype was already over. Late clanners, we are.
  9. Meeting other bloggers and being friends with them gives me more reason to write. Knowing their side of the stories and experiences also inspires me.
  10. I recently joined  a challenge that my friend/blogger had made and you can still catch up to some of the posts. It’s just a nice way to celebrate February and to know yourself even more.

It was actually a stressful week for me, specially reality is really starting to hit me so hard. But I know that the Lord will never leave me no matter what. That’s is why I know that “I can do all things through Christ which strengthneth me” – Philippians 4:13.

How’s the start of love month for you so far?

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