Thankful Tuesdays

Thankful Tuesdays Vol. 18

Since Tuesday doesn’t get much attention, Thankful Tuesdays is just a delightful way to be thankful for the graces and blessings that the Lord showers us through the week.

I know it’s been awhile and it took me so long to actually have the next volume for my graces. But that doesn’t make me forget to always thank the Lord for each passing day. I just so blessed that He always and will never failed to surprise me.

I just can’t contain my happiness for all the blessings and this would have to be my longest Thankful Tuesday. So let’s start shall we?

  1. My parents celebrated their 28th Anniversary last week. They had a cute and simpe request as one of my gift for them is that I get to visit them and be there on their anniversary. We celebrated it in one of their favorite restaurants in Manila. Pollo Roco‘s chicken is indeed one of the best tasting chicken I’ve ever tasted and I can still savor in my palette those tasty wings and legs.
  2. My stay in Manila (even for just week) is just so nice and fun. Traveling alone is just fulfilling specially when you have saved for it. I really so to it that I get to spend my days with my family. I was also able to buy the art materials I’ve been dying to buy. Hoarder alert is being activated once again.
  3. We have a new member in our family, her name is Kikay. and I know that Tutty would have been stoked too. My sister and I even made her own Instagram. So if you want to see her little ventures, feel free to stalk her.
  4. Janeh, my super twin got married last week. And it was just surreal, genuine and the sweetest wedding I’ve attended. It was her dream intimate wedding. I can’t wait to share it with you my younglings sometime this week and can you also guess who caught the bouquet?
  5. It really feels so good to finally able to start my very own doodle project called #OOTDoodles. I’ve been receiving good comments and suggestions which made my passion ignited. Yes, it’s like I’ve been sleeping for a long time and haven’t been playing with my pens and papers. I really miss all those colors and cute stuff. And it’s really a bad sign when an artist gets “art block”. It’s like hybernating from all the creativity and procrastinating on almost everything.
  6. I am officially opening my commissions again. I am still on the process of fixing my price lists for a better picture to my customers and I am also planning on changing my Draw For A Cost to #JeiniDoodles. Which I really hope I get to finish this week.
  7. Just took my written examination for the position of Nurse 1 in one of the prestigious hospital here in my place. I am really praying hard to have shot on the clinical world again after garnering my license 5 years ago. Yes, even when you want to work with the profession you have chosen, nursing here in my country can really be challenging at the same time degrading. I just hope the new platforms will offer something different for all the nurses. And I am trusting the Lord in whatever He hath stored for me on that part.
  8. I will also be collaborating with a new partner and I can’t wait to tell all about it soon. Clue: It has something to do with something I love and my sister’s addiction.
  9. Yobo just never failed to surprise me with his sweetness and how he made me feel more special and loved. I guess this is the perks of having a longer and stronger relationship.
  10. Finally got my very first fluffy panda. Did you spot her?

Above all, I know that I am not worth of all His blessings yet the Lord always shows and expresses His unconditional love. As James 1:17 would remind me, “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.”

I am getting more excited with these wonderful graces.

How’s  about you, how’s July been lately? 

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