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The Coffee Farmhouse

Remember when I told you that I will be travelling soon? As part of our team building in our office, we usually have this every year thing we called “Summer Learning Journey (SLJ)”. The nice thing about it is that we get to go to places we’ve never been to and we also get to strengthen our bond with our co-workers. The perks of travelling in a group is that you can avail discounts on travel packages. Cool right? I’ve been joining the SLJ since last year but failed to post it, so as part of my resolution for this year, I will be sharing to you guys my travel experiences from last March. 

I’ve been to Cavite when I was still young but having to explore other places on the locale is just far more amazing when you least expect it. There are just more to these province that meets the eye! So here is one of those places that I was able to explore and you might want to try!

The Coffee Farmhouse is a family farm that prides itself for its quality coffee harvest. As you are guided through the private orchard, you will certainly enjoy its unique country lifestyle. As birds chirp overhead, you will walk through rows of evergreen coffee trees and savor the fragrance of white coffee flowers and the beauty of ripe berries. The tour is as much a sensory journey as an educational one. (source: The Coffee Farmhouse)

Welcome to The Coffee Farmhouse
One of the things that got my attention are these umbrellas. One of their nice welcome to the guests who wants a little shade from the sun. I just can’t help but get so fascinated.
Umbrella trolly
Trolly cart

Upon arrival, we all immediately got off our vans and got too excited exploring the place. So if you are carrying a lot of bags, fear no more. They also have this push trolley cart where you get to place all your luggage. This serves as a big help to easily get to your cabins.

The nice thing about the farm is get to enjoy these cute trail of the garden going to each cabins. Notice that there are signages nailed to the trees? Well those are just trivias about coffee. Totally cool right? Even walking the trail is informative. 


You might be wandering where these trail leads us. Here’s their map to the farm so you can visualize it. The coolest thing about the each cabins is that they are named after the kinds of coffees. Our first stop was at the Liberica Main House


As we’ve entered Liberica Main House, there’s this cute greeting wall where the testimonies of the guests are written. The farm is run and headed by Sir Bert and Ma’am Beth. They are just one of the most hospitable owners and they are “hands-on” with dealing and entertaining there guests. Two thumbs up to them!

As I wander around the room, I just can’t help but start to fall for the place because of the designs and how the main house looks like. Yes, it just makes me giddy when it comes to fancy interiors. 

These furnitures and figurines are so cute and nice that it almost gives you that inn feeling that you usually get to see on movies. It is like you are in a place where there is snow and fireplaces.

The Main House have two (2) rooms for the guests to be accommodated
I just fell in love with the halllway of Liberica. It’s so cozy and gives you that warm vibes just looking at the interior and the furnitures. They just set the mood specially having a semi-cold breeze outside. 

With my roomies
We also tried the nice sofa at the end of the hall. Just look at those wooden sala set.
We even give it a shot to enjoy the furnitures. It is just really so nice and cozy!

The Liberica Main House also serves as the dining room. 

Since we arrived at the farmhouse early in the morning, we were served with these delightful supreme buko pies. And I tell you, it just melts in the mouth. You just can’t get enough of it.
Supreme Buko pies

They also offer unlimited coffee. So if you are a coffee addict this place is for you. 


The Coffee Farmhouse truly lives out to it’s name. It just makes every coffee lover be blissful. They’ve served us a simple breakfast and it was just one the best we ever had. After eating, we all went to our designated cabins. My group was assigned to the cabin called Excelsa

Each rooms are provided with cozy beds. The number of beds usually depends on the space of the guest house. Some of the cabin rooms were able to accommodate 8-10 persons while the small cabins get to only  have six (6) persons. 

While others were resting in their cabins, some of us were enjoying simple explorations of the place.


The farmhouse also have beautiful sights and tons of trees. That’s why their place is very nice for retreats and relaxation because of the  conducive environment too. 
Jeonald with furnitures
Harvested coffee beans
Lovely ladies
Riped coffee beans
Volleyball Court
Ton and Ate Rose on trail
Clay pots and containers
Vintage lamp shade
Mini Bridge
With Jheck and Jane
Coffee Farmhouse Signage
In front of Liberica Main House

They also have a lawn which is also relaxing and you can also play or even have a nice photo shoot with the trees and the green green grass. Just like we did. 

If you are the type of person who doesn’tw ant to just like in the bed and read a book in the cabin you can also try their recreational and game rooms where you can play all sort of sports or even wander around the place riding something.
Bicycle riding


After strolling and  resting for a while, we were told to gather at the mesh hall for the training and for an orientation. 

Once we were done with our workshop and seminar, we were welcomed by Sir Bert. He also orientated us about the place and how things worked on the farm. He even conducted a short talk about coffees. It was indeed a nice experience specially for providing us the coffee processes and he also was giving tips on how to drink and what are the different kinds of coffee. 

He also provided us the different kinds of coffee makers. It was like travelling to time with the different kinds of it, from the vintage ones up to the present. It was just so fascinating.

This has been one of those places you really want to bring your family or friends. It was just so memorable and we really enjoyed our stay at the farmhouse that we all just want to stay there and never go home. Not only is the place relaxing, the foods are so delicious as well, and talk about free flowing coffee. I will surely treasure my experience here and might come back again.

The Coffee Farmhouse
23 Palumlum-Matagbak Road
Brgy. Palumlum, Alfonso, Cavite
(0928) 5555 856

Some photos are taken by: Ajein Relova, Emerson Latigay, Zarah Maralit, Angelica Leonor, Jane Rocha, Jeonald Trilles and Rowel Baliza through my digital camera. 
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