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Top 10 Hair Color Crushes

I’ve been addicted to coloring my hair ever since I’ve tried it. I know that coloring one’s hair, specially if it is not done by professionals, can really make the hair loose the natural oil and keratin. But once you’ve tried it can’t stop. You will want to try every possible hue that there is. So far, I’ve tried 2-3 shades of brown. It just gets lighter each time. I wanted to try other brighter colors but there are just circumstances that it can’t be done. I have to admit that I really envy girls who can change their hair color once in a while depending on their mood and I am dying to try it too. If I will be given the chance to go out of my comfort zone here are my Top Ten Hair Color Crushes I will not have second thoughts trying.

1.) White Blonde. 

Abbey Lee Kershaw

2.) Radiant Red. 

Arianna Grande
2.) Orange Lava. 
Hailey Williams

4.) Pink Pastel. 

5.) Sea Green. 

6.) Light Blue.

7.) Deep Blue. 

8.) Dark Blue. 

9.) Pastel Purple.

10.) Purply Indigo.

Isn’t it just addicting? What do you think?
 I might go Legally Blonde or Merida some time this year. *giggles*

* Some photos are via Google Images. 
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