Top 10 Ultimate Guy Crushes: Western and Asian

Every girl and lady has their own preference of having their dream guy or “future-boyfriend” or even the most wanted fantasies are the “future-husbands”, where one wants to call their guy their “hubby“. But every now and then those standards are just being replaced or even changed into a new whole package. 

We can’t deny the fact that in the world we lived in, there are a lot of beautiful and handsome guys out there, and you might be lucky if one way or the other you were able to have the good catch that you never thought you’ll be having. And mostly, these standards are compared. From reality into the world beyond it.

The fact that mostly, and almost of those good looking people belongs to the showbiz industries. We have lists of our “ultimate crushies” or even label them as our husbands/wife, boyfriends/girlfriends and even some have this list that just goes on and on. Aside from what we have in reality or have in present relationship, we still manage to have this admiration to other people specially those who are stars.

Aside my ever so handsome boyfriend (yes, I am really madly in love with my Yobo that everyday I manage to tell him how much handsome he looks like and also how much I love him everyday), but aside from him, whom I just admire. I also have  sets of “ultimate showbiz crushies”. It’s divided into two. The Western and the Asian Guys.  The ones that I def die watching almost (as possible) every movie or series that they are in. The list may go on as well, but there are just that gives me swoon as they dazzle within my eyes which I consider having consistent admiration towards them. The ones that stand-out to the test of time. (*insert giggle here*)

– Ryan Reynolds
The Ryan Reynolds, Oh yes. He’s top of the list. Who wouldn’t admire this cute and hot guy that has ever so adorable good looking light brown eyes. He’s just so dreamy and as well as has this features that you almost want to have more of his swoon moments specially when she is being paired to almost anybody. He manages to make a chemistry between them. The first movie that made me beg for more for him is the movie Just Friends, 2005. And from there, I just can’t get enough of those tantalizing eyes of him. His genre as well made me more attracted since he’s into Rom-Com. For those who doesn’t seem to be familiar with him, he starred in popular movies such as The Proposal (2009), Green Lantern (2010) & R.I.P.D (2013).  

– Adam Noah Levine
In number 2, who wouldn’t go gaga and want to be loved by this not just a hottie but as well as simply hot, eargasmic man like Adam Levine. You might also be living in a far away land if you’re not familiar with him. He’s the one who sweep our feet with his so unique voice singing us, “She will be loved”. And def our ears will go under the phase and peak of orgasm. He’s the type pf guy who can just rock a white shirt and a pair of jeans. And just a smile from him will just make every girl faint in an instant. The more 

– Robert Pattinson
The one that made a hit way back 2010 upto this time. The bedazzling “vampire” heartthrob that made every little girl to woman go head over heels just to have guy just like him. The Edward Cullen that made every girl shriek at every move he made. Yes, it is none other than our Robert Pattinson who made to my number 3. I first had my eyes on him when he starred at Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire as Cedric Diggory , that he replaced Daniel Radcliffe (my crush in my elementary years) as my ultimate crush way back. The more he became popular when he starred at Twilight: Sagas (2008-2012) and as well as Remember Me. He just have this eyes that are just so smoking hot.

– Ryan Gosling
The guy who made a man existence almost extinct because of the character, Noah,  he portrayed at The Notebook (2004).  He’s just like a baby in a man’s body. He’s face is just so young for his age. And when he makes cute grin that will def make you go cray cray every time. He made it to my my number 4.

– Robert Downey Jr.
And there was another bearded man (which I often get attracted to) that I just find o so hot as well. None other than the cool guy Mister Robert Downey Jr. He’s famous in being the ultimate and cool geared man, philanthropist wrapped in an iron mask and armor. Yes, he is our Iron Man. He’s just like A. Levine but just a years ahead. He can rock the grey and black shirts and pair of jeans as well.

– Lee Min Ho
GO JUN PYO!”, yes! It is him definitely! I first met him as the bad ass leader of F4, in the Korean version of Hana Yori Dango which is Boys Over Flower. It’s none other than Lee Min Ho. The tall, handsome guy with a fair complexion is surely one of the girls dig. Because of the model features that he poses. He is also one of those artist that can def give justice to the “bitin pants“. He also starred and the more he was given a break when he act as a gay boarder in the series Personal Taste (2010) as Jeon Ji-Ho

– Jang Geun Suk
Those chinito, smoking and tantalizing eyes also looked good in black eye liners, and will surely give you a more eye catching cool eyes. He is one of those guys that may look like a girl because of his long wavy hair but still able to carry and look still awesome. I got this huge crush in him when the series You’re Beautiful (2009) as Hwang Tae Kyung. He is also one of those guys who can pull off the comedy side and as well as a guy that will give you extra chills to the spine. The plus factor also is that he can sing as well.

– Kim Hyun – Joong
 Number 3, is the simple, feminine and prince like feature Kim Hyun-Joong. He is also starred in Boys Over Flowers (2010) as Ji-Hoo. He also became more attractive when he starred as Bea Seung Jo in the series as Playful Kiss (2010). His hair was one of his trademarks, having the blond touch and the smile that radiates all throughout his face. He almost really have this prince-like look that will def be your shining armor as well.

– Jo In Sung
Oh yes! He’s def the epitome of hotness and good bone structures. He is one of the reasons why the Korean Invasion started here in the Philippines when he portrayed Jung Jae-Min in Memories of Bali (2004). Yes, it is really him. The more that I started to like his simple look (short hair that is) and also resemble J. Suk when he smiles with his chinito eyes, was from the movie The Classic (2003). He was indeed so romantic and also handsome. And also made a good and more heart warming role when he played Oh Soo in That Winter, The Wind Blows (2013).

– Jun Matsumoto
Before Korean Invasion set foot on the Philippines, I was into J-Pop back then. They were hand in hand with my Anime addiction back then. And from there, I have a huge admiration for Jun Matsumoto from Arashi, yes he sings and dance as well (even though I admit that he looks so gay or effeminate but still he’s just so cute!). He also played the cool Shin at Gokusen (2009).

And that’s my list. They are mostly the ones that are consistently taking the spots. The funny thing about my Asian Crushes also is that almost most of them are long hair, yet still manages to look hot and as well as handsome as ever. That’s why I am as well as lucky to have a boyfriend who almost looked like a Korean slash Asian Star as well (that’s why I told you my Yobo is handsome.)

How about you guys, who your TOP CRUSHES so far? 
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  • Reply bee. October 21, 2013 at 7:21 pm

    Haha! Cool post! Great choices… I especially like Lee Min Ho & Jun Matsumoto from your picks! 😀

  • Reply Jeini Relova October 24, 2013 at 1:42 am

    Yah. HAHAHA. Thanks btw. Cuteness and coolness overload. 😀

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