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Top 50 Beauty Blogs: Ajeinomoto at Twenty-Two

When it comes to beauty talks and make ups, I consider myself as a newbie or to a most cuter term will be a noob. I used to not care about how I look, what products to use on my face and body when I was young. But when you really start to mature and enter the world of adulthood you start to be conscious and really start to be aware of what products to use.

I am a late bloomer or an ugly duckling turned into swan when I was working. Yes I was in my 20’s that I started to really act like a lady even started to grow my fascination for make ups. I even started to have my obsession for lipsticks and skin cares. I know that I am no expert in giving legit reviews when it comes to things like this, but it just feels good to share a little beauty hacks.

Top 50 Beauty Blogs

Last January 2016, I was included in the list of Rebate Zone as one of the Top 50 Beauty Blogs in the World. Ranking #22 is really something and it was really a nice feature for my site to be considered as one of those gals who share their beauty hacks and reviews in the world of beauty. Aside from my blog there are also awesome forty-nine (49) beauty bloggers who made into the list.

Top 50 Beauty

The more that I really want to continue and turn this fascination into passion. I know that it will not be easy since there are really tons and far more awesome beauty experts, I just really want to share some of the things I’ve tried and just simply be able to learn from all the suggestions of others.

And I truly believe that the real essence of beauty is not defined by the colors you put in your face or what is substantial. We should always be reminded that real beauty is something that can’t be altered by  hues and palettes, It is usually what is in the heart. So stay beautiful inside because it just radiates outside.

Just like 2015 Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach would say, “I am confidently beautiful with a heart.


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