Ultimate Throwback: Meteor Garden and Meteor Garden 2

Rating: ★★★★★

Who would ever forget the girl from a roof top shouted “Piggy FOUR!!!”? Or the four most handsome guys on campus walking like supermodels? Or the girl with the long hair wearing a pink backpack? Or how about the girl who got a red card after provoking the leader of the four member group? Or the guy with the pineapple hair? The group called F4. Where car accidents and amnesia was not so overrated back then. Having to choose from the present love (because of amnesia) from the past (whom he loved before). How about the songs that gives you chills and goosebumps whenever your about to hear them such as “Qing Fei De Yi”, “Ni Yao De Ai”, “Can’t Loose You” and “Broken Vow”? And mostly the names San Cai, Dao Ming Zi, Hua Ze Lei, Mei Zhou, Xi Men and the list just goes on and on.

Yes, after ABS-CBN has aired the “first Asianovela” they aired on the Philippine television last May 5, 2003, it never left the minds and hearts of so much undying Filipino fans that when they decided to air it again last March 30, 2014, that it gained so much excitement to those who have watched this series and was really an ultimate throwback for those who have watched it before. This might be a little late to be posted since it was aired and it is already ending once again by May 23, 2014, but there is just so much feels for this show that I still can’t let this post not to be posted at all. 

It was so nostalgic to each and every fan of the F4 (Flower 4) and a girl who was belonging to the most inferior part of society who provoked the leader of F4 to almost had her expelled out the campus. This was also the type of story line as to where a girl being in a love triangle as well as the type of story were as the “bad ass” guy fells for a “not-so-ordinary-I-don’t-give-a-thing-about handsome-guys” type of heroine. Yes, it may sound a little bit “ordinary” but this story line definitely got the attentions and was loved by so many viewers. But the biggest question is that what is it with Meteor Garden  and Meteor Garden II that the viewers still have the same kind of excitement every time they are going to hear the OST and the show itself.

Meteor Garden  and Meteor Garden II is actually just another version of the original anime manga, “Hana Yori Dango, where they made it almost a 2 Season Series (a much longer story line)  because of the it was definitely digged by so many that it gained a lot of avid fans. And another continuation series of this was Meteor Rain. This manga also had it’s different versions from other asian countries. I had watched 2 other versions of these and it turned out that for me, MG & MG 2 was just so different and had a touch of “reality” as well that each and every one can really relate to. Unlike the Japanese (Hana Yori Dango) and Korean (Boys Over Flowers), that it has the touch of fantasy and “this-one-is-not-possible-in-real-life” kind of thing. But I am not saying that their versions are not good, but I still go for the Taiwanese version which is Meteor Garden and Meteor Garden II. China has their version as well, but I never had the chance to see it yet, so this might be added to my watch list perhaps.
The most throwback feeling is that every character has their unique kind of personality that each one of them really made a mark to the series and gives the viewers that kind of feeling that as if they are the one in the show. (I’ve only included the characters that has made impact. If ever you have a character in mind which wasn’t in the list, you are free to comment on it. In no chronological order.)


Barbie Xu as San Chai
San Chai. Long hair, pink bag pack and a black pony tail scrunch on her wrist. “Ligaw na damo” (weed grass), a girl who really suits her name on how she faces the trials that comes in her way. The kind of girl who doesn’t easily fall to handsome and rich guys because of popularity sakes. She is the type of girl who values family and life more than luxuries that she can possibly have when she gets the chance. A naive girl when it comes to love (having to choose from an infatuation to true love) and would to anything to fight and stand for what she believes in. First Appearance: Meteor Garden: Episode 1

Jerry Yan as Dao Ming Zi

Ah Zi. Pine apple hair, tight shiny pants and a head band. The only son of the Dao Ming clan and the F4 leader that makes the lives of students of Ying Tai Academy as miserable as possible by giving then red cards and public humiliations because his only trusted friends are his 3 childhood buddies. Hot tempered and stubborn as well. Who doesn’t give empathy on people that comes along his way until he met San Chai who opened his eye to status quo as well opened his heart to love. That’s Ha Zi. First Appearance: Meteor Garden: Episode 1

Vic Zhou as Hua Ze Lei

Lei. Slow walking, shrugged shoulders and seriously silent. The guy that made San Chai had second thoughts on F4 and made her heart skip a beat. But was so in love with his childhood first love Tang Jing, who just see him as little brother. The kind of guy with a pure heart and don’t give interest to other people’s lives. Closest friend of DMS and a shoulder than can be leaned on by San Chai. That’s Lei. First Appearance: Meteor Garden: Episode 1

 Ken Zhu as Xi Men

Xi Men. V-necks, polo shirts and glasses. This guy may looked sophisticated and smart but don’t underestimate the charms that he possesses when it comes to dealing with girls. Gives expiration dates when it comes top dating and having flings with girls he meets. Maybe a playboy, but has a story behind the title he has (his love story was then featured in Meteor Rain). That’s Xi Men.  First Appearance: Meteor Garden: Episode 1

Vaness Wu as Mei Zhou

Mei Zhou. Hiphop or baggy pants, model-like ramp walk and tantalizing smile. Another playboy in a group. 2 is more but this one is the most happy-go-lucky type of guy who just enjoys life as possible as he can. Also a joker. But has his own side of the story when it comes to dealing with love and dating girls as well. His mother always asets him up for arrange dates and as well as for arrange marriages, that he always turns down or don’t attend to. That’s Mei Zhou. First Appearance: Meteor Garden: Episode 1

Michelle Saram as  Princess Ye Sha

Ye Sha. Cute smile, carefree and an artist. The girl that calls DMS as Ah Xing when he lost his memories because of an amnesia. She tries to help DMS to gain his memories by picking up the pieces as they embarked their journey to Taipei as well aids San Chai in gaining DMS back. Turns out to be the princess of Butan that DMS’ mother prefers them to get married. Also ended up falling in love with him as the time goes by. That’s Yesha.  First Appearance: Meteor Garden II: Episode 2


Wang Yue & Tung Chi Cheng 
as San Chai’s Mother & Father
San Chai’s parents. Loving & caring and only wants the best for San Chai.Wants to find their daughter a rich man whom she can marry to make their life lighter, easier and better. They may be poor yet their foundation and value to family is always intact a midst the trials that they experience in life.  Luckily DMS fell fortheir daughter winning their ticket to attaining their goals as well as approved of the affection the lad is showing. Meteor Garden: Episode 1

Zhen Xiu Zhen as Dao Ming Feng

Dao Ming Feng. The mother of DMS, upon first meeting with SAn Chai, she made an impression and almost win her trust yet turn of events that San Chai has to face as long as she is connected to DMS and assures to make her life miserable. Never approves anything that goes out of her plans specially when it comes to San Chai. And will do what it takes to separate them even if it is in exchange of her son’s ultimate love and happiness.  Meteor Garden: Episode 9 

Rainie Yang as Xiao Yu
Winnie Qian as Teng Tang Jing
Tang Jing. The first love and childhood love of HZL. A model in Paris who became closer to San Chai. Meteor Garden:Episode 2

Xiao Yu. Simple naive girl, a friend & a co-worker of San Chai. Later on became close and ended up falling in love with him to Xi Men when she plans to get even with her ex-boyfriend. Meteor Garden: Episode 2

Ke Huan Ru as He Yuan Zi

Zhuang. The sister of DMS,

Mary Hsu as Dao Ming Zhuang

who will defy her mother’s rules as long as to make her brother happy no matter what the cause is. Meteor Garden:Episode 7

Yuan Zi. An marriage for this gal to DMS to expand the Dao Ming company. Became close to San Chai & seeks advices make DMS fall for her.Meteor Garden:Episode 11

 Ye An Tin as Li Zhen

Bai He & Qian Hu. They value

Bai He & Qian Hui

luxuries more than anything as long as they’re in trend. Made San Chai life miserable in front of the whole school , to F4 and to DMS. Meteor Garden: Episode 1

Li Zhen. San Chai’s girl friend yet turns out to betray San Chai because of jealousy she felt when all of DMS’ attention was set on her. Meteor Garden: Episode 1

Wallace Chung as Ah Sung
Xiao Suen

Ah Sung is nice guy who became San Chai’s friend when she went to the suburb after breaking up with DMS. Helps San Chai on her ventures as well to realizing the real world has to offer. Meteor Garden: Episode 14

Xiao Suen. Became friends with San Chai when she worked on a restaurant and was then beaten by DMS because of jealosusy. Turns out to be the culprit behind he kdinapping of San Chai and asks ransom and revenge from DMS for beating him.  Meteor Garden: Episode 9

Megan Yan as Mi Mi & Edward Ou as Qing He

Qing He (First Appearance: Meteor Garden: Episode 2)  is the closest guy friend of San Chai who turns out to have feelings for her yet just considers him as a friend. He will do anything just to make her bestfriend happy even though he can;t have her. Mi Mi ( First Appearance: Meteor Garden II: Episode 8) became close to Qing Hei and was a fan of the DMS and San Chai love story that she also aid in gaining DMS memories to make him fall in love with San Chai again.

Lan Cheng Long as Ya Men
Pace Wu as Ying Xiao Qiao

Xiao Qiao. A talented girl who was arranged to Mei Zhou & turns the whole thing around on how Mei 
Zhou views girls and turns out falling in love with this gorgeous girl in the end. (I guess the whole story of their love story was then featured in Meteor Rain.)

Ya Men. Met San Chai on a blind date & was later on found to be the cousin of DMS. Asked by DMF to break San Chai & DMS. He also taught San Chai to be true when it comes to showing her feelings &made her realized her real emotions to DMS. Meteor Garden:Episode 16

Definitely this is not your ordinary Asianovelan series that goes by in time. It will truly take centuries before this one is forgotten once you’ve watched the series. It will surely give you that “real” feeling of love, sacrifice, struggles and motivation in life. And I assure that by the time we will be able to watch this again, the same feeling will still be there, on how we all fell and witnessed the love story that will go against all odds and a midst the test. San Chai (Barbi Xu) and Dao Ming Shi  (Jerry Yan) will always swoon us.  ‘Til the next Meteor Shower!!!

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