Woman Fashion x Invaluable: Casual Sailor With Cartier

Rating: ★★★★

Hello there sprinkles! Since the holidays started, I just can’t help but start to “window shop” and even checked my wish list for something nice for Christmas. And I bet that you are having the same dilemma, but worry no more because look what I found. This might be one of those stuff you might want to have for yourself! So what’s the catch? I came across another site which will definitely help me and definitely you guys to make give your ootd’s a new whole level!
Invaluable is one of the world’s largest marketplace and a growing family that sells various merchandises. What is nice about their store is that they also auctions excellent and quality stuff which you can’t possibly imagine having – in just one click!
From there, I just fell in love with Invaluable‘s watches and can’t help but match it with some of my fave outfits from Cute Harajuku and Woman Fashion, which some of you guys aren’t new, since I’ve been blabbering about it 2-3 times in a week. So here’s what I came up with.

I just fell in love with these? Why because it’s white and it’s a long sleeveless dress.
Detailed embroidered anchor
Well watches never runs out of fashion! Because time is something that can’t be changed and stopped. Unlike fashion, watches never runs out of trend, it just takes a nice match with the right outfits and you are always good to go!
Classic vintage Cartier men’s watch
This Large Cartier 18K Watch definitely goes well with this outfit! And yes, it’s a men’s watch, but you have to admit a girl can also pull this one on their OOTDs.

A pair of these cute pink pastel shoes really gives that princess like touch with the bowknots and those two straps.
Nice and simple
Remember when I told you that Woman Fashion has tons of cute finds? Well here is one. They also sell cute bags to match your outfits! How nice is that?

This bag adds to the whole casual sophisticated look that goes with the golden strap. It will definitely go well with the watch! The cat lashes are just giving it’s total girly design with the cute bow that totally matches the shoes too.

What’s inside of it?
The bag has a nice sweet pastel color inside with a cat head design. Making it even cuter!
Back View

Well girls love a little small pocket and this bag have it!

So what are you waiting for? Get entice and nail that OOTD (outfit of the day) of yours and be the one to set the fashion on fire. Experience Shibuya through Cute Harajuku, Woman Fashion and be sophisticated and accessorize with luxury with Invaluable! Just don’t forget to enter “ajeinomoto” for your discount code to avail them cheaper! Have fun shopping. ♥

DISCOUNT CODE: ajeinomoto
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NOTE: Photos of dresses and  are owned by Cute Harajuku, Woman Fashion and Invaluable. Top photo was edited in MS Word by yours truly.
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