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Yaba + Yobo: Cagsawa Ruins

It’s another well spent day with le boyfriend today. We often want to try new things and also be able to cross out many things on our “Bucket List.”, so for today we got to eliminate another one. We got to visit one of the most visited spots here in our place. The Cagsawa Ruins.

It’s been years I guess since my last visit in this place. I used to be in this place way back when I was still a young girl. I can still remember shots that were taken when I visited this place. (If ever I’ll be able to spot them again, I’ll add them up to this post). So since it was near to ages, my boyfriend I decided to go there since it was also a long time since he went to this place.

And from there, it still amuses me how the place can still manage to look it’s best even though there has been a lot of calamities that have occurred through the years and even decades. The place still never fails to give me that “awe” feeling and even makes me proud that I’m in a place where the beauty of Mount Mayon can easily be seen and appreciated. 

When we arrived at the place, we can’t actually know where to start since it’s been a while since we visited this place, and we can’t deny the fact that the heat of the sun was really unto us. It was really hot, but it was still worth it to be able to go to a place like this. It actually reminded us so many things when we were still a child. More stories to tell indeed.

I just can’t help but also wonder how the Daraga Church (Cagsawa) really looks like way back when it was still standing firm. And as we walk and roam around the place we where able to spot a place where there where historical photos (too bad I forgot to take a photo of it, since we got engrossed in scanning unto them). I was then able to see how the church looked back then. Then also how was Legazpi City way back before the Mount Mayon eruption used to look like. Nearly it has been nearly or even more than 100 years since the eruption had occurred. It was also fulfilling in one way or another that we were also part of history when Mount Mayon erupted last 2006. We were still in our elementary years then. And I guess, and as far as I can recall that was also nearly the last incidence of it’s eruption.

       The Bell Tower of Daraga Church that was only after the eruption of Mt. Mayon last 1814.
The ever so beautiful Mt. Mayon.
It’s beauty is still majestic even though it’s not that perfectly cone-shaped anymore. It was indeed nice and it was all worth the travel that me and my boyfriend went. We also manage to take pictures of ourselves and also some interesting structures of the left walls of the church. We weren’t really be able to take some more of the pictures since we already enjoyed talking and reminiscing some of our childhood memories. It was really nostalgic being in that place.

It was really worth another great day for the two of us and also another day and more days to love each other. From there on, we tried to be more open when in comes to our future and the plans that we’ll soon be fulfilling. We really can’t wait for it. ‘Til now, hopefully we can be able to come back here again and be able to take more photos if ever.

Hopefully you can be able to visit also Cagsawa Ruins and enjoy the place even more. Enjoy and spend it with your family, friends and even your love ones. It is indeed all worth it to be here, to be in this place. I’m sure that you can;t help but also get a photo of yourself where the ever so beautiful Mount Mayon will be there as your background. Can’t wait to hear and read from you. “til next adventure. 
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