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Yaba + Yobo: Naga City

FIRST ESCAPE! Première échapper! I’m just so excited to bits when Yobo suddenly gave an idea for us to celebrate my birthday. It’s almost his gift as well. But since there was a more important event during my birthday, we decided to make it by the 23rd of November. So there, it was all set then. I was just like a little kiddo so excited of having our first “travel” as well as an adventure too (since it was the “first time” for the two of us in that place. The more we really felt excited because we get to cross out 2 things all at once in our Yobo  & Yaba’s Bucket List.
One of them was to ride the bus in a long travel. Second was it was Naga City. Since it is almost a 2-3 hours travel, we get to have that crossed out from our list. It was also a funny experience, because since we arrived early in the bus station, we started taking photos.

And since before the travel even starts I usually tend to have this habit of emptying my bladder before leaving. It is like making my self really comfortable and avoiding any kind of hassle when I’m travelling already. We were about to miss our ride just because of the bad timing. Good thing the driver still manages to wait for us. Adrenaline rush sparked when we run for our ride. From there, Yobo and I just kept laughing of that kind of experience we were about to get. Talk about luck really.

We didn’t mind the long travel since we get to enjoy the sight, the movie inside the bus as well as just being together that time. We were also making fun of the stop overs like saying were near.

And I quite really miss the part where I have to travel this far from town again. It was as if reminding me of my college tours and travels as well. It was just so exciting, the more I can’t help to get to our destination.  


Then finally after the 3-4 hours, we were excited upon spotting the SM Naga signage. We just ca’t help to get excited more and more as well as wanting to dump our tummies with tons of foods. Since we were so frustrated of eating in KFC, we planned to eat our lunch there. 

After having our lunch, Yobo and I decided to roam around the mall. We get to see tons and tons of nice stuff as well as the things that lacks in our town. The more that I wanted our malls to be like it as well. After getting to almost may marks on every stores inside the mall, we then decided to go outside and explore the city.


I just fell in love with the place that time. Yobo as well made the same statement, Everything was just in order. It was almost like seeing a city that is really taken good care of the people with power as well as the community living in it. It was as if the place that I always dream about. There was indeed order.  The place was also nice because everything seems to be just beyond reach. The travel time is also convenient as well. We just fell in love and was also adding our choice of place if we settle is this city.

Since we were death tired and hungry as well, we decided to go back to the terminal that time, but when we were just on our way back, the park suddenly caught our attention. We were able to see Naga’s Park as well as to experience their street foods. Since Yobo and I are fond of eating foods as such that we decided to also get to experience the kind of street foods Naga serves. And one that caught our attention (since it’s not available in our place) was the big kwek-kwek version they have. They called it Bulastog.


It was just pure goodness and made me craving back for more. They have this onions and turnips to blend with the bulastog servings. The serving was really worth their price as well as the kind our sanitation they have. As well as the stands. It was as if the kind of street stands I want for place as well.  Too bad that I was just only get to eat 1 piece since I was full that time. Now I’m having big regrets of not making the most out of it. 


After our long walkathon as well as adventure in Naga City, we then decided to buy something for our family as “pasalubong”. So we then decided to bring them Bibingkas from Bibingkinitan. It was so yummy and as well as giving you the kind of goodness in every bite. We get to buy the 6 pieces at a very affordable price.

From there, since I was not able to really take so many pictures at that time, I just made sure that we have shots once again before leaving the place.

I just can’t help to always fall for this guy I made sure I was able to get lots of frames from him. And I was just the plain girl who happens to be haggard in every shot that time. But still I was able to enjoy.

I was indeed a very nice kind of adventure I get to experience, and as well as able to start my 23rd birthday. It was just pure bliss and as well as pure tiredness. Everything was all worth it. The spontaneous plan that Yobo and I made was indeed just pure adventure and can’t wait to try out more and more travels sooner!

This will def not be our lat visit to this place. Will definitely go back here and I assure that I’ll be able to take lots and tons of pictures that time. I’m indeed just one HAPPY KID at 23.
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