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Yaba + Yobo Wanders to Enchanted Kingdom

I have been to Enchanted Kingdom since I was young and it always makes me so happy every time I get the chance to visit it again. It has always been my goal to be able to try all the rides but time and availability doesn’t let me.

Yobo and I was able to have our mini vacation in Manila last year (aside from the Venice experience) to Enchanted Kingdom. Because of two (2) main reasons. We finally got the chance to cross it out from our bucket list and we were able to finally make each other’s relationship goals come to life. Yes, we had our fantasies when we were in college to be able to bring “the one” here. So without further a do, here’s how we spent our little venture to Laguna.

Travelling to Enchanted Kingdom

We woke up and get our head in the game around 6 o’ clock in the morning to avoid the traffic since we will be traveling from Cubao to Sta. Rosa. Since we don’t know how to get there, we used Waze to help us get to our destination. Talk about a real handy dandy talking GPRS.

If you are commuting, here are the routes to take. (Cubao – Sta.Rosa route)

  1. Ride a taxi and go to nearest Star Mall.
  2. From there ride a van going to Balibago.
  3. Your next stop will be in Walter Mart (Laguna).
  4. From there, ride a tricycle and your off to Enchanted Kingdom.

It was really fun and exciting when you get to try new things and you know that you are also doing right as the adventure advances. If you are not sure on how to travel back to your starting point and to avoid being left of vehicles to ride on the way home, they also offer shuttle services to make sure you are dropped off to a more accessible location.

Arriving at Enchanted Kingdom

We just can’t help but get too excited that we almost ran like little kids just to take our line and get our admission tickets. It was just so surreal for the two of us.

Happy kiddos prepared to have fun

Enduring the heat of the sun.

It was so nice that the weather forecast was right and it was really a nice day to  enjoy the amusement park. Since the amusement park operates 10 am in the morning we already made sure that we had our slots in getting our tickets.

Enchanted Kingdom Park Admission Fees

The fee for the tickets varies with age. Since it was a regular pass, we paid around Php 1,200.00 (US $ 25.14) for our admission. They also have this raffle entry coupons that comes along with the ticket.

The line was really long and the people were also early so that they don’t have to be part of the big crowd, but it seems that every one failed in that part since everyone came earlier than expected. We have to really endure the hot rays of the sun before we got the chance to get inside.

Once the amusement park opened, we took advantage of taking some photos with no photo bombers. The only downside of getting there early is that some of the stalls and rides are not yet ready to operate since they were still having some drills and round downs to avoid accidents as the park operates.

Getting a head start inside Enchanted Kingdom

We were having a hard time choosing our first ride since some of them are not yet ready, so we just started getting familiarized with some of the locations in case people starts to come. We also took the advantage of taking more selfie shots of some stores and rides while there are no lines yet.

Food Stalls Inside

Since we know that it will be one exhausting and long day, we made sure that we know the stalls to make our tummies happy and our mouth savoring the right food.

It’s Time for the Rides

Ride #1: Roller Skaters

Since we can’t seem to take a risk of our hearts and minds for the Space Shuttle, we only went for a lesser nerve cracking ride. We tried the shorter version of the roller coaster. This is not your typical coaster either. It also gave us at that mini heart attack because of the ups and turns of this ride. But overall, it was still fun.

 Ride #2: Up, up and Away

It was my first time to ride this one, and I tell you, this is not a simple ride. Your fascination for a nice version of air balloons might just frustrate you. This ride actually was fun, but if you end up riding the opposite direction it actually gives you that nausea feeling.

Ride # 3: The Grand Carousel

By far, this is one of our favorite rides, Yobo and I enjoyed the lights and the horse rides even though it made us look like we were little children. The music it played just gives you that overall park experience and it just gives a lot of nostalgia as it goes merry go round.

The Lunch and A Break

After some rides, we took our lunch inside the canteen and got one of their best selling viands. It was by far the cheapest of all (since we got this for almost Php 400+ (US $ 8.38)), but it was still tasting so good that we planned on having them for dinner again – if ever.

Pork Sisig and Mini Spareribs

Since we were so full and to avoid wasting those food, we took a nice spot outside and rested for almost 30 minutes or so before we decided to have more rides checked again.

Taking a rest before trying other rides.

Mini games and prizes

Since the line was long in some of the rides, we tried playing some games and just to try our luck in winning one of them. Yobo got so hooked and was really challenged to win me some prizes. In the end, we were able to take home this little fellow on our shoulder.

Hello there, Baby EK (pronounced as “ik”) or Baby Wormie

Ride # 4: Rio Grande Rapids

Enough of the flying and the dry rides, it is time to get wet and soak. Since we were avoiding the long lines for this exciting ride, we made sure we started marking our spot already. This time the entrance part was really having a nice pace that we all started getting giddy because everything moves fast, but not until you actually get the chance to be in the second room. It took us 1 hour before we finally got the chance for the ride.

Trying to entertain ourselves by enduring the long line.

 The sun is just making my eyes chinky

The water only manages to get the lower part of us wet. The ones who rode with us were far more soaked and was really wet. Too bad, we didn’t got the right seat for that.

Ride #5: Jungle Log Jam

This was one of the longest line we’ve managed to join. Yes, it took us about 2 hours just to finally get hold of the ride. When we were inside, we managed to see the expressions of many people that we started having second thoughts if we should still go for it. In the end, we still did.

It was like we had our facial spa. It was so refreshing and it was nice to bring the adrenaline come rushing down our body. It will just really make you scream.

Ride # 6: Wheel of  Fate

This was supposed to be our first ride, but we wanted to enjoy the lights more at night, so this became our last ride – for now. The nice thing about the ride is that they also make sure that if you come in pairs or groups they have the right seat for you to take.

Yobo is never a fan of heights and bumpy rides, so when we started lining up for the Wheel of Fate, he just can’t stop looking at it and tries to convince me if we should still go for it.

Since he got anxious when we rode, I just assured him that everything will be alright and there is nothing to fear. He started to relax and just told me to not let go him. Giving him all the support that I can. Sorry for the akward holding hands.

Ride #7: Bump Car

We were not able to have a nice shot for that since the turn over of seat was so fast and the line was just full of photo bombers. I really enjoyed the ride because Yobo was the one driving and we really avoided the cars from bumping as. Two thumbs up for my handsome driver.

Night at Enchanted Kingdom

Since the sun started to go down, the park started to be more busy and the people are already tired and exhausted. We we also made sure to make the most of the fun experience and manage to take last shots for it.

Since the chair from the outside of Rio Grande was still full of people, we only got the chance to take a shot of the sign board. It was just really one of the nice rides to try.

One of our favorite delight there was the burritos. It was just so good that we didn’t mind the price because it was just worth (Php 300+ (US $ 6.29)) our every penny. We made sure that we also had our tummies filled since it will be a 2-hour travel back home.

Chicken Burritos and salsa sauce.

We were not able to ride all since the time was still not enough, but it was still fun and it was really worth every experience. If ever you are still wondering what are the other rides they offer you can also check my other post for this one.

Friendly Tips

Here are some tips to go by if you are planning on going to Enchanted Kingdom someday.

  1. Expect to spend more so you really need to bring an extra amount of money.
  2. It is better to go there early to avoid crowding and too much hunger.
  3. Wear the most comfortable clothes and shoes. Bring extra clothes if you are planning on riding the wet ones.
  4. Bring only your necessities. Avoid bringing too much stuff that you actually don’t need.
  5. Bring your camera. It is more advisable to bring only the small ones to avoid too much bulk on your part.
  6. As much as possible avoid bringing to much food since they tend to confiscate them at the entrance.
  7. Take hold of your map. Even when you don’t mean to loose it, it always get lost.
  8. Have fun. Take tons of pictures.

Indeed, being in the amusement park just brings out the child in each one of us. The magic really stays in us. Definitely this is not the last time.

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