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Yaba + Yobo Wanders To Kawa – Kawa Hill

 Sunflowers have always made me so happy every time I spotted one in Pinterest, other blog posts, IG photos and the list just goes on and on. I know that is a very over due post (yes I was suppose to share my experience 2 years ago), but this year was the only time I really had the chance to enjoy everything to the fullest!

I’ve always been fascinated by sunflowers but I never had the same fascination a few years back. My love for it started when I visited Kawa-Kawa Hill last April in year 2014. Yobo even got annoyed with me when I kept on blabbering that I found my favorite flower. To the point that I also want to go to Baguio and see the bigger ones. Yes, I can really be desperate.

That’s why I was really astounded when he got me one for our 3rd Anniversary. So if you’ve been my friend and been following me on my Instagram and Facebook you’ll know about my philias for these babies.

Travelling To Kawa-Kawa Hill

During the Holy Week, Yobo and I decided to pay a visit to Kawa – Kawa Hill because I kept on telling him that the sunflowers are up again. Yes, he may be annoyed (a little) from all my chanting and reminders but he knows that it just makes me all giddy and blissful when I spot one. So early in the morning we made sure to have our little adventure.

If you are commuting, here are the routes to take. (Legazpi-Ligao route)

  1. Ride a jeepney of either from these choices: Legazpi to Ligao, Legazpi to Polangui or Legazpi to Oas.
  2. The fare is only PhP 40.00 (US $1.00), so make sure that the jeepney driver gave you the right amount of change.
  3. Just tell the driver to drop you in Kawa-Kawa Hill. They already know where to stop.
  4. From there, you can either take a walk (but it can be really quite far) or take a tricycle (much advisable) which will definitely take you to Kawa-Kawa Hill immediately. The fare is only PhP 8.00 (US $ 0.17).
  5. After a short tricycle ride, then you’re off to the Land Of Sunflowers!

Kawa-Kawa Hill: Land of Sunflowers

Kawa – Kawa Hill is known for their nature park that caters to your sunflower fondness. Not only that, they are also known for having stations of the cross along their hillside when you started hiking to the top. The peak of tourist’s visits is during the Holy Week (around end of March and April). They always make sure to plant sunflowers ahead for these special occasions.

Upon arrival, I was really so excited that I don’t know where to start first. I love how they made a new sunflower garden at the entrance. That’s why from there, I started hopping and just endured the heat of the sun to have a shot of these babies.

Half-Way Of The Hill: Mazes and Stations

I love how they made simple mazes and paths as you go along your hike to the top. There you can spot the stations of the cross on every corner where you can enjoy and take pictures if you want to rest for a while.

Lovely nature on our background. We are almost there!

Field Of Sunflowers: Yellows Everywhere

And viola! Spotted tons of yellow flowers and I do not know where to start. So let’s take a moment of silence and just enjoy these lovely sunflowers which I was able to take a nice shot.

Hi adorable, Helianthus annuus.

Aren’t they just beautiful? I also made sure to have a nice shot in the field and with some of the lovely blossoms that we’ve spotted. If only I can bring them all and make my own sunflower garden.

Who’s that Pokemon?

I love how they blended with nature and this is one of my favorite shot.

Hello there, little yellow fellow.

There were hundreds of them and we just enjoyed and kept on looking at them with “awwwwe” because no words and photos were enough to describe their beauties.

On Top Of The Hill: Breeze and Shades

Upon reaching the top, Yobo and I decided to take a nice rest and just enjoy the scenery. It always fascinates us how the Lord made everything so beautiful and nice. We used to remember our last experience (circa 2014) on this part where we were able to witness the sun to set. It was just so majestic.

Once you’ve reached the top, you can enjoy the breeze and even take a short nap on the grass since there are tons of trees to give you some shade.

This photo can’t actually justify, but we are actually sweating so badly because of the noon time heat.

After our rest and mini hike adventure, we had a simple snack and didn’t forget to try their best selling ice cream. Yobo really made sure that we had one, since it is his favorite. It is just a perfect sugar boost from all the sweat and very hot rays from the sun.

Are you an ice cream? Because every time I see you, I just melt.

Friendly Tips

Here are some friendly reminders to keep in mind when you are off to your Kawa-Kawa Hill adventure.

  1. Wear the most comfortable clothes and shoes, because you are going on a slightly stoop hill.
  2. Have a simple basic warm up before taking the hike. Let’s avoid cramping and injuries.
  3. Make sure to bring at least one (1) bottle of water or any electrolyte rich drink each! It will really make you sweat a lot! If you are planning on sharing, bring a bigger one.
  4. You can also bring shades and an umbrella if you are planning on going there in the morning or at the peak of the afternoon. The sun rays can really be hot.
  5. Bring your cameras, selfie sticks and tons of cute poses with the sunflowers and views.
  6. Enjoy and get ready ready to be mesmerized by hundreds of sunflowers.

Sunflowers only have a short life span. Some of the flowers have withered during our visits and some of their stems have started to bow. That is why you really need to go to the field once they bloom.

I guess, this has been our yearly habit to always see the sunflowers on Kawa-Kawa Hill. Not that I’ve imposed it (but yeah, I guess I did). Hoping for more blossoming flowers and more garden parts for all these babies next year.

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