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Yaba + Yobo Wanders to Little Italy in Venice Piazza

Yobo and I had always wanted to have a new venture and was planning to at least get things crossed from our list before the year ends. We’ve been talking about traveling and at least spend a days few in Manila during the holidays, but we were not able to really plan it well because of our available schedules then to our surprise we were able to do so.

We always wanted to go to the city of love and be able to enjoy the sweet street music and romantic vibes from Italy. That’s why during the holidays when my sister and her boyfriend toured me and Yobo, it was really a nice experience and we totally just fell in love with the Little Italy in Manila. Yes, there is such a place like that in Venice Piazza at McKinley Hill in Taguig City to give that total Italy feels each of us dreams of.

The Venice Grand Canal

The place was still under construction but you can totally see already the nice picture of the place. I am always fascinated with how the architectures and engineers makes it so beautiful with just a simple mixture of cement, foundations and a little paint.

Since the place is starting to be a tourist attraction, many people are starting to get their own experience with the place. It would really be nice that once the Venice Grand Canal is fully operational, they will have at least an entrance fee or any means to minimize the overcrowding so that the people who will go here can still enjoy the scene and have the fullest experience without having too much photo bombers with their pictures.

The Human Bridge

We were suppose to try the bridge experience too, but it seems that the people who went there first is also taking their time having their photos shot and their selfies taken. It was really a little bit overpopulated, but still the bridge over the lake is still pretty cool.

We really just can’t help to love how the architectural design really resembles the Grand Canal in Venice and the Venetian in Macau. It is like you are outside the country and I just can’t help take so much shots of the wonderful infrastructures.

It was really hard for us to take once in a while our own photo of the place because of so much photo bombers, but that didn’t stop us from taking our memories be taken from the whole Venice experience.

#YabaYobo with the #BestTeammates

By far one of my favorite shots of Yobo and I because it gives that illusion that we were riding a boat in the lake.

The Venetian Mall

The Grand Canal is not the only tourist spot here in Venice Piazza. They also have mini restos and cafes where people can enjoy having their dates, reunions and other occasions.

To add to our whole Venice experience, we just can’t help but get mesmerized when we were about to leave the place. The lights and the buildings are just so beautiful at night that we thought we are really in Italy.

It was really a nice experience and we would totally go back here someday and hopefully the Venice Grand Canal is already fully operational by that time and we can already ride their mini boats, and enjoy the total experience of being at the Little Italy.

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