Yaba & Yobo

WARNING: (This post is long due to the detailed statements, but I assure you it’s WORTH READING!)


It was nearly her licensure examination, so she needs to focus and be able to surpass another phase in her life, this time as a Nurse. Every licensure examination needs enough preparations and as an option to enroll in a review center to aid an individual make the board exam as easy as 1, 2, 3. This decision also comes in a way that one will enroll with her closest friend/s or separate from them, for a more focus study habit, but sadly she wasn’t able to go with her closest friends since she wasn’t allowed by her parents to go far from home. Not only considering the distance but as the finances that will be needed. She was sad at first but then tries to look for another review center where she can try performing more in her studies. She then asked one of her classmate who happens to be one of her closest.
It was nerve cracking also for her since it’s another stage in her life where she has to adjust to new sets of people. She’s friendly but there are times that she hates socializing much. Then April 4, 2011 arrived. The start of orientation and having to finally see new set of faces and as various attitudes of people. Familiar faces were also there, those whom happen to be part of her high school years and acquaintances. She got relaxed quite a bit but the anxiety was still there. Meeting new people also happens to make her happy, then she got to have a new one and her close friend by her side during that time. People started calling them “The Trios”, because since that day they were inseparable.
As the end of the orientation, she became more at ease and started feeling excited as she sees the upcoming days to be more studious and aim higher. On her way out with her friends, she happens to notice a group of guys who happens to be a little bit noisy and jolly, it also happened that one of those guys happens to be her school mate when she was in high school. Then there was this one guy who happens to caught her attention out of nowhere. He was wearing a blue and black small body bag, wearing a red and black shirt, and on a black converse like shoes. Was it because he was chinito, or there was just something about him that just suddenly caught her off guard.
Days have passed, she didn’t even bother trying to know who she saw that time since it was crowded and the face of the guy was not that clear to him. Days have passed she focused on reviewing and trying to be competitive during her review days. Then so happen, she got a little bored then starts to wander her eyes, she became conscious and aware of the people around her, to her fellow reviewers. She suddenly started looking for inspiration or just simply looking for a crush that time. She happens to spot a guy who looks like Edward Cullen (due to the contour of his face), one tall chinito guy (who happens to be rumored gay later on) and the guy that caught her attention during the orientation.
Since it was nearly a hectic schedule, she and best friend still manages to caught up on the events of their lives. They started talking about their review centers, their new friends, and mostly about crushes. It so happen that when she was asked who her crush was, she spontaneously told all three but asked more about the latter guy, it so happen that the third guy was a school mate of her best friend. From there on, she became familiar with his name and his personality. 
She became interested more and started to forget the two crushes she had and started to be more engrossed with the very first guy who caught her attention. Even her review buddies (The Trios) started to wonder who it was, then they started coding names so not to be noticed. They even told her that she was cute on having a crush, she was like a high school girl. They even told her that the guy she was crushing resembles Albie Casiño (it so happen that teleserye “Mara Clara” was popular that time). 
Days passed and she was more inspired to study more and be better. She was in love as she thought, but still no time for such since she need to set her priorities first. Even if though her best friend, HS friends and cousins (who happens to be his school mate) wants her to meet him.
Almost all of the reviewers where already familiar to her, it just so happen that there was this one group that she and her friends have a hard time socializing, it was his group. She was just then happy having a crush on him. No need to talk to him or even get acquainted, because she knows that after the review, she will not be able to see him anymore. She thought it might be another infatuation.
It was weeks away from her examination, The Trios also drag her on coming to a parish because it so happen that the guy was going there. Then there came an instance that they happened to be standing beside each other that time. She became conscious and started to act as if she doesn’t care, but her heart keeps on beating faster and faster each time. 
As the mass ended, she was then relieved and started to act normal again. Then as she and her friend came out, they noticed that the guy’s group was crowding over another guy over an umbrella. Look, aren’t they our review mates? They have umbrella, let’s share with them” one of them shouted. Then her friend not thinking twice agreed and started sharing their umbrellas. Her friend was with the guy with the glasses, and the Latino-like. She was left with a smiling chinito guy and her “crush”. They were quite under the umbrella, so she started a conversation, “Do you know my cousin?” the two guys started to wonder, then later on they answered in chorus. Then the smiling guy started to leave the umbrella leaving just the two of them. She started to be nervous. But the guy started making conversations, and she was at ease. They started talking so comfortably since then.
They started talking more often. She was happy that even before the end of the review, at least she was able to talk to him. She was happy already. Then it was at the end of June 2011, when she started to feel more attached to him but she doesn’t want to assume. 
All of a sudden, it was early in the morning, when she was on her way to the review hall, when she noticed him running towards her and gave her a rose. She can’t help but smile then asked him for whom was it? Then he just pointed to her then smiles. She asked why would he give her a rose, then the guy remained silent and just smiled. From there, she just smiled.
After they’ve took the examination, he then took the courage to ask her. She was surprised, but then gave him a chance. They almost texted everyday since then. It also happened that when he was courting him that time, they have to be separated first due to some circumstances, but that doesn’t stopped him for making her feel that he was ever so in love with her. She can’t still believed that the guy whom she used to have a huge admiration was starting to court her already. Was she dreaming?
After the result was out, the guy happened to go home and just have to see her, it was also the day that the two of them might have foreseen that it was a time for a confirmation, for a validation of what their status was. August 23, 2011. It was official.
PART V. To Infinity.
She was happy that she have found someone whom she never expected to be hers in the first place, she was more blessed on having him. The more she fell for him and the more she wants him to be the last.
He was so blessed and was so in-love with her, that he thought and will always think that he was the first who fell for her. He loves her more and more, he wants her to be his last.
The future may not assure them of what might happen, but they will just have to cherish every moment they have for each other. Everyday their love will still grow. Forever might be impossible, but who knows that it still might exist. 
She was his Yaba, and he was her Yobo. And whatever tests and trials comes along, they will surely try to be there for each other no matter what. Forever might be such a long time, but they wouldn’t mine as long as they would have to spend it with each other.
It’s to infinity – for now. ♥
– First Official Holding Hands.
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