YabaYobo: 1460 days

This year Yobo and I decided to make our 4th year anniversary a simple one. Since we have given our gifts in advance last month, we just want to make it a spontaneous one and just do whatever we feel like doing in our special day.

We have our “Yaba & Yobo Bucket List” which I’ve been mentioning for sometime now. One of that is to go to church in my mother church. It was the best feeling ever. I just thank the Lord for each day I get to spend with this lad and to be able to be loved by him. He just made me feel blessed because he also values every blessings that the Lord would shower in our life. And one of that is making our relationship stronger than before which is always an answered prayer from the Lord. Truly God gives us someone who we truly deserve. 
For those who have been reading my boyfriend diaries you are very much familiar on how we usually spend our dates and anniversaries, so if you are guessing we see a movie you are indeed right! This time it was not something gruesome, scary or any action themed it was a Pixar-Disney animation. Indeed it was a dream that came true that I was able to have someone whom I will love and love me more.  

It has always been one of our habits and theme when we are celebrating our anniversaries is to dine in a new place. I’ve been eyeing on The Patio since I saw it near the computer shop where we would play online games in our leisure and date time. I just fell in love with the place and Yobo was right about this one going in my favorite place.
Since food is alway what makes us happy we get to enjoy their Carbonara, Baked Mac and Cookies N Cream Milk Shake at a very much affordable price.

4 years and we are good to go for more! It’s like we were students and we are ready to graduate and get our diplomas to be able to reach this far. I thank the Lord for that. I know that forever may or may not be possible but I am more than willing to spend the rest of my days just loving you and you being by my side. I love you more each day.
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