YabaYobo: 730 days

We’ve been a lot of struggles and trials but still we tried to make our relationship  stand to its fullest capacity. 

I guessed that taking the challenge was really worth fighting for specially 
when we know that when we found that someone, whom is the “one“, 
whom we”ll really want to spend our days – ’til the end – with.

I made a doodle (posted above) just the night before our anniversary, I got excited that I immediately posted it in my Facebook Account. I wanted him to see my post by the time he accessed the internet. The following day (the big day), he immediately texted me and greeted , the moment I woke up, it really swoon my heart out made a smile and start the day blissful.

The moment I started checking my account on the internet, my heart started to melt more and more because of what he did. He just started posting and posting and also commenting than his usual.

FIRST POSTThis photo was taken during our last anniversary on August 23, 2013. ♥ 

“If I were a movie the title would be, If I’m Anjo Villanueva, You’re Aldrein Jeini Relova. Happy 2nd Anniversary.”


” How the hell did you ever pick me? Honestly, I could sing you a song. But I don’t think words can express can express your beauty. ♥”

THIRD POST: Photo was taken way back August 23, 2011 (The day we got official)
“You bring out the BEAST in me, I fell in love from the moment we kissed and since then we’ve been history. ♥”
FOURTH POST: Our official “Holding Hands” on August 23, 2011.

“They say that love is forever, Your forever is all that I need, Please stay as long as you need, Can’t promise that things won’t be broken, But I swear that I will never leave, Please stay forever ♥ with me. “

FIFTH POST: Photo taken July 23, 2013 on our  23rd monthsary.
“It goes to show, I hope that you know that you are what my dreams are made of. “
The caption was based on the lyrics of 
Sleeping With Sirens – If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn.

There was also this post that made me so happy and as well as made my heart melt even more, even my teeth are starting to have cavities because of too much sweetness that I’ve seen.

I was just so happy that I got more excited to see him already. So I patiently waited for him to fetch me.

Since on our day, I don’t have work, I have to wait for him after he is done on his shift.I was patiently waiting for him as I was watching one of my fave cartoon show, The Adventure Time, when he suddenly arrived and surprised me with his ever so charming smile (which he usually gives me whenever he visits or drops by in our house), but what made this day more extraordinary was he surprised me with a bouquet of rose. Yes, I can’t help but be speechless and just kept on giggling and smiling until we were able to leave and went on our ride.

Made me so swoon to his surprise.

We usually plan things when we want to do something, but it’s mostly “unplanned” ones that usually reigns on our dates and activities whenever we see. We wanted to plan this one, since it’s our special day and again it was another opportunity for us to go beyond on what we usually do. So we got to do almost all in our plans and as well enjoyed because we were able to try new things as well. Our date was composed of three parts:

  • Cafe date.
  • A movie date.
  • Dinner date.

CAFE DATE: We are indeed coffee addicts. Whatever the blend, either hot or cold, we just go with it. Since we really enjoyed it’s aroma and as well as the taste. We always go to La Mia Taza in Embarcadero to have our simple snack or just to hang-out there most of the time, (will go more about this place on another post) but on our day, we just had our simple usual orders and it was our “gift giving” session as well.

Talking about the rules in giving gifts

Yobo was the one who gave his gift first, I can’t help but just smile and starts to be “hoity-toity” all over again. I slowly opened my gift and started to be surprised as I tried to spot a small box inside it. He immediately grabbed the box from me and started to remove the ring. Yes, a ring (but do not misinterpret this part, he is not proposing or anything, it’s just a simple gift). He then grabbed my hand and tries to put it on my finger, it was just made me more excited and just made me so blissful that time. He also told me that the ring can also be used as a pendant as well. I was just ever so happy, since I wanted my own infinity ring as well.

Surprisingly and excitedly opening my gift.

Yobo trying to fit the ring in my finger.

Infinity Ring as a pendant

It was my turn to give him his gift as well, before I handed mine, I was starting to full him that I don’t have anything for him, but just a contract, as he started to fell nervous. But in the end I just can’t contain how excited i was to give his gift hat I just added some twists before i he gets a hold of his. So I started to write on my memo notepad and started to remind him that hopefully he’ll like it and he should not get so excited over it. He felt more nervous thinking that I would give him a frogs (he just have this phobia on these little fellows) or something. As I wrote on giving him directions on where to find his gift, he just kept smiling and laughs that I kept on giving him suspense, he just want it to be over with. So as he gets hold of his gift, he just kept on smiling and laughing and also felt even more nervous as he slowly unwraps it.

Unwrapping his gift and getting excited about it.

He as well was not able to contain how happy he was that he manages to give a pose for it. He was just thinking or wanting to have his own Meme Shirt as well, and now he has one, I made a customized shirt for him since I can’t find a stall here in our place which sells Meme merchs. He was just so thankful and blissful.

Yobo sa happy with his Meme Shirt.

MOVIE DATE: We’ve been planning to watch a movie, and hoping that the one on show will be worth watching, but since our day was on the mid-year, the movies that was in the theaters were not not that exciting. The twist on the movie list was that there was this movie that was still on and also started to be controversial as well, so we had no choice but to choose “The Conjuring”. Yes, we watched a horror film for our day, even though we agreed that we won’t be watching this one since it might ruin our day in the end , it was almost a nerve cracking and disturbing movie that turned out be two thumbs up as well for the producer and the director, so we just ended up enjoying.

While waiting for the second screening of “The Conjuring”

The scare factor will really leave you fearful and as well as mind boggling. I was also a fun experience because everyone in the theater shouted at the same time on parts that started to really creep. Yobo and I just can’t help but as well started to be intrigued and also be disturbed, but it was all worth the courage and it was indeed worth a penny.

DINNER DATE: After watching a movie, we now proceeded on our dinner. Since I’ve been talking about the place and as well as wanting to bring him to a new one, we had to celebrate the last part of our day at Balay Cena Una. We had a simple dinner and enjoyed the moment as well, since just like how my parents celebrated their anniversary, we got to have the place for our own too. It was just a near to perfection, since it was also our first fine dining. It was just worth a memory.

Making faces as we patiently wait for our meal
Chicken Lollipops <3
Yobo’s dessert. Leche Flan.
My dessert.
Couple shot
Having an awkward pose as a couple whenever other people takes it.

Another year and another set of days will surely awaits us, and the more we will try to bring out the best in each one of us. The more that our love will grow for one another. We just need to set our priorities. He just kept on telling how lucky he was that he was able to have someone like me, and as well that he won’t love anyone or another girl than me, it was just those moments that you just want to grab him and tell him as well the very same thing.

I just thank the Lord that even our relationship still has to face some trials and struggles might still be there to test us, we want to trust in Him that whatever happens He will surely make us stronger and as well pass through it all. We just leave Him our relationship as well.

This is just another day that I will surely treasure being with Yobo. Another day and more years to love him even more. 730 days was worth loving you and another set of days will surely be worth it all as well. ♥

 Our love is as simple as ” 2 + 2 = 4″
2 years down + 2gether = 4ever ♥
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