YabaYobo: Goodbye Monthsaries, Hello Anniversaries


 A simple or may become grand special celebration of lovers 
who rejoices on how long they’ve been through the number of months.
The sad reality is that there is really no such word and proper definition for such term. Try looking at the dictionary, searching it through the internet (only few defines such but no “generic” meaning), or even try right-clicking the word for alternative spelling and synonyms, and voila! The word itself doesn’t exist. It has just been created and added to someone’s neologism to make a calling for lover who celebrate their relationships in a months or counting how they’ve been together. An usually, since from the word itself, the matter of span that the two is “in a relationship” doesn’t come to a point of making it through the year/s.

YOBO: It’s our 26th right?
YABA: Yip. I guess so?
YOBO: The next time we are going to celebrate such day, we won’t be counting anymore.
YABA: Ha? Why is that?
YOBO: Because, we don’t need anymore, since we will be together FOREVER. ♥

*see “original conversation” here
I can’t really contain myself from being happy and able to have a limited smile (’cause I was really trying to hide it from him, but in the end wasn’t able to do so). He just say words that can help but make you swoon and really make you drop down your knees. So after hearing it from him, it took me about 30 minutes before the though actually sunk in. So I tried rephrasing and asking him again.

YABA: Why is it again you don’t want us counting how long we’ve been together every month?
YOBO: Well, because of the word itself.
ME: What do you mean?
YOBO: MONTH-saries. It’s like you will only be together for a month. For shorties.
YABA: Shorties? *giggles*
YOBO: Yes, shorties. Short term relationships. And we’re not like that. So by that, if ever we’re going to count numbers, then it when we celebrate our Anniversaries. Isn’t it more exciting? 

And from that day on, marking the start of our new rule (which we often love doing it so when it comes to our relationship), we agreed on October 23, 2013, that we will bid Monthsaries, Goodbye and will def whole-heartedly Welcome Anniversaries more in our relationship. 
 But since words can sometimes assure you, the actions still matters when it comes to relationships. That’s why, the more we try to make things work everyday. The more that we love each other to bits. And praying for more years to come for the two of us.

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