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WARNING: (This post can be quite cheesy and may sound a little “corny” one way or the other, and yes, you’re guess might be right as well, another post about my Yobo, but I guarantee you can find yourself relating to such instances as well. Enjoy.)

It’s been a while since I get to have a new topic or subject to talk about once again. I have been busy these past few days, working on some of my covers, headers, logos and so on and so forth, for my “upcoming commission” release. I’m just so excited to finally start the simple business.

Getting back on track, I was browsing again some of my posts that I used to put on my Tumblog when I can’t help but smile when I saw some of my “wants” if ever I’ll be entering into a relationship.

Every part of us desires for our own happy ending. ♥ 
–  Jeini Relova

Every girl desires and wishes a “Happily Ever After” some way or another when it comes to Love Stories. Even patterning some of the “cheesy” moments and daydreams to some Koreanovelas, J-Novelas, Movies and as well as Novels. I can’t deny the fact that I’m just one of those girls who just simply dreamt of having a “Perfect Relationship” or “A Perfect Love Story” ever told, but since we just live in reality, perfection is just a mere word and a standard that will always reminds us that life is to be lived in real life and not in a fictional, created world we construct.
Then since I’m fond of back reading to some of my posts, i can’t help but smile upon all of those moments that I used to daydream about are just coming into reality. The more that I really felt blessed when in comes to having my boyfriend. My Yobo. ♥

– Kisses on the forehead.
Kisses can be given in various forms but I really love it and I feel more swoon whenever Yobo kisses me on the forehead. It seems that it is really just irreplaceable among any other forms. Not only is it giving you those goosebumps and slight chills on the area on the head, but as well it’s a kind of kiss that is decent. A guy can kiss her girl even in public without looking so gross and too much PDA (public display of affection). As well this is the usual kind of kiss that a guy gives to his girl in most of the -novelas that I’ve watched. This can actually a little out of hand if the guy is kissing nonstop so still single forehead kiss are most valued. That’s why I’ve dreamed of having this moment as well.
– Acting like a little child. 
Since I’m really childish (my sister really hates me for being one), I can fool around and act funny whenever i want to, without having hesitations of being rejected or judged since he will love me the way that I am. I really tend to be such a whiner most of the times and really have tantrums that’s why I really appreciate my boyfriend for being patient with me. And most of the time, after becoming such a “schizo” in some way, I can really be like a cuddling kitten who will just try to persuade and undo what I’ve done (since mostly it’s my fault really). Just blessed Yobo manages to still unable to resist.

– Braiding or fixing my hair. 
This one is just so cute where the guy just softly grabs the hair and start styling it. I’m used to having a shoulder length or a short hair way back then since my hair usually gets a little out of hand whenever I tried to style it, so my usual solution is to trim it, but since I became a professional, I pledge to myself that I’ll try to grow my hair longer than the usual (since it’s one of my “to do”s in my bucket list). A moment when Yobo and I was casually talking when he started sitting at my back and tries to ask how to braid a hair. He wants to try doing it to mine. I just can’t help but grin and starts to really feel so blushy since I remembered this part that I posted.
And there is just that one moment which is my favorite among the rest. It can be the most sweet and as well as the most simple gestures that I love about him. And I know as well it is his favorite too. :’)

– Official holding hands. 08/23/11.

– Holding hands. 12/29/12.
The way that he makes me smile and captures my heart when he holds my hand. The way he manages to paint a smile on my face, whenever he kisses it softly with his lips. They’ve said that God made our hands to have spaces, because someday someone will fill them up, and you’ll know that you’ve found “The One” when it “perfectly fits in”. No words needed, sometimes silence and just a hold of a hand of someone special to you assures you of having him or her. The way he just assures me of having no other one to fill this up again and as well the simple symbol of having to be owned. May sound cheesy and hypocritical, but you can’t just deny the fact that it just feels great when you are holding your world at the palm of your hand. It gives you a whole new meaning to happiness.
There are just more moments that I’ve been dreaming and he just surprises me and just make all those things come into a real romantic and sweet moments. I used to daydream, but one way or another, I guess there is no need for it. Since every part and chapters of our story comes from reality.

I guess, if there is another thing that I’ll be dreaming of
is that someday make a project for the two of us, where we will have candid shots of this moments that I dream of.
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